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List of names of the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) | Islamic Girls Guide

List of names of the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

List of names of the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) | Islamic Girls Guide
about-the-wife-of-the-Prophet-Muhammad-(S:) | Islamic Girls Guide

The women whom the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) married in his lifetime are called by the Muslims as Ummahatul Muminin, meaning the mothers of the Muslims. It is also mentioned in the Qur'an. Qur'an 33: 6:

At the age of 25, he married Khadija, a prominent and respected figure in Arabia at the time. Their marriage lasted for about 24 years. Then Khadija died. He never took another wife during Khadija's lifetime. According to Muslim biographers, after Khadija's death, the Prophet took 10 more wives (12 according to the sect). In other words, the total number of his wives is 11 (13 in the sect). Although Islam forbade more than four marriages at a time, according to verses 50-52 of Surah Ahzab of the Qur'an, Muhammad was allowed more than four marriages. Among the wives, only Ayesha was a virgin. All the other wives were widows. The life of Muhammad (PBUH) is divided into two main parts: Makki life and Madani life. In Makki's life, he married two people. All his other marriages were in Madani's life i.e. after Hijrah. Muhammad (peace be upon him) had no divorce in his married life.

The following are the names of the 13 wives of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and their short biographies:

1) Khadija bint Khuwailidah:

She was a rich and noblewoman of Mecca. When she was 40, she married 25-year-old Muhammad. All of Muhammad's children were born in his womb. Muhammad never married again during his lifetime. He was buried in the Jannatul Mualla cemetery in Makkah.

2) Sawda bint Jama'i:

She married Muhammad shortly before the Hijrah (c. 620 AD), shortly after Khadija's death.

3) Aisha bint Abu Bakr:

Aisha, daughter of Abu Bakr, the first caliph of Islam. He is called Umm al-Mu'minin. Most of the Islamic Sharia is recognized through him. Muhammad died in his house. He was buried in Jannatul Bakbi.

4) Hafsa bint Umar:

She is the daughter of Umar, the second caliph of Islam. When Hafsa's first husband, Khunais ibn Huzaifa, died, Muhammad married her in the 2nd or 3rd Hijri. It is said that he was very devout.

5) Zaynab bint Khuzaimah:

Muhammad married her thirty-one months after the Hijrah in the month of Ramadan in the 3rd Hijri. She died in the month of Rabius Sunny, 4th Hijri, in the year following her marriage, which lasted only eight months. Only she and Khadija died during Muhammad's lifetime. In pre-Islamic times she was called Unmul Masakin (Mother of the Poor).

6) Umm Salama Hind bint Abi Umayyah:

In the 4th Hijri, her first husband Abu Salama was martyred in a battle. Thereafter, Muhammad married her in the month of Shawwal. She died at the end of all of Muhammad's wives.

6) Raihana bint Zayed:

Raihana bint Zayd was a Jewish woman from the tribe of Banu Nadir who was revered by Muslims as "Umm al-Mu'minin (the wife of the Prophet Muhammad of Islam).

6) Zaynab bint Jahsh

She was Muhammad's half-sister. His first marriage was to his foster son Zayd ibn Haritha. Zayed later divorced her in the 5th Hijri as the couple did not reach an understanding. Then, in the month of Zilqad, Allah announced his marriage to Muhammad (peace be upon him) through a verse from Surah Al-Ahzab. He was known to be very generous. He died in 20 AH.

9) Zawairiya bint Harith Ibn Abi Jarar

Juwairiya bint Harith was a prisoner of war captured during a riot with the Banu Mustaliq tribe, the daughter of a chief of that tribe. Her husband, Mustafa bin Safwan, was killed in the riots. Muhammad then proposed marriage to Zuairiyah, and Zuairiyah agreed. This marriage had already led to the release of about a hundred families captured by the Muslims.

10) Ramallah bint Abi-Sufyan:

She was known as Umm Habiba. She was the daughter of the Quraish leader Abu Sufyan and became a Muslim against her father's wishes. Muhammad married her when her husband died during the Hijrah.

11) Safiyya bint Huai:

Safia bint Huai was the daughter of Huai Ibn Akhtab, the chief of the tribe of Banu Nadir. When the tribe of Banu Nadir was defeated in the battle of Khaybar, her second husband Kenana was executed and Safia was taken prisoner of war. Muhammad frees her from her master Dihiya and proposes marriage. Safia accepted the offer and married Muhammad.

12. Maimuna bint Harith Ibn Hazan:

His real name was Barra. Muhammad changed his name to Maymuna. At the time of the Hudaybiya treaty, the woman proposed marriage to Muhammad and Muhammad accepted. At the end of the treaty, he returned to Medina with Maymuna.

13. Maria Al-Kibtia:

Maria al-Kibtia was an Egyptian Coptic Christian slave girl given as a gift to Muhammad by the Egyptian emperor Mukaukis under the Byzantine Empire. On her way back to Medina, Maria converted to Islam and married Muhammad.
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