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What and why menopause and its various problems | Islamic Girls Guide

What and why menopause and its various problems

What and why menopause and its various problems | Islamic Girls Guide
What-and-why-menopause-and-its-various-problems | Islamic Girls Guide

What is menopause?

Physical and mental changes take place at different stages of a girl's life. Usually, these changes become stronger at two times.
One. Age Adolescence,
Two. seasons.
The average menstrual cycle begins when a woman is 12 years old on average. Again, it stops after a certain age. After a certain age, the menstrual cycle of girls stops as usual Menopause is when the menstrual cycle stops.

When a woman's normal menstrual cycle stops:

According to the weather and climate of our country, the menstrual cycle of women can usually stop between 48 and 54 years. On average, the age of 51 can be called the age of menopause

Symptoms before menopause:

The main symptom of menopause is irregular period 6 In other words, it is not the first time that the period will be closed It can be seen that the first period is twice a month After that the period was closed for three months After a regular period of four months, it was closed again Other common symptoms of menopause include ringing in the ears or hot flashes, joint pain, etc.

Changes in normal life as a result of menopause:

There are four stages in the life of a girl
The onset of menstruation, childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause
 These are all regulated by hormones Menopause means that the secretion of hormones stops As a result, some changes may come in the body Mood is not right, joint pain, etc. 6 However, since the whole thing depends on nature, the body gradually accepts it on its own after five to ten years. As a result, there is no problem Many people think that menopause means that her youth is over, but not at all At this time they can enjoy sex without hesitation There is no fear of contraception There is no problem about openness with the husband But if there is any other problem beside these, then you must take the advice of a doctor At present, there are different types of medical methods and medicine, As a result, there should not be any difficulty

Relationship of mental status with menopause:

Menopause can make the skin worse Many people become very fat or thin That is why many people can suffer from mental depression Many people think that the end of the period may mean the departure of youth That is why women's fatigue is seen But it is completely imaginary Hormonal secretions can also lead to mood swings, sudden anger, and so on It is often seen that women are saying things that they do not want to say It is also a sign of losing mental balance

It is important to keep this in mind:

In order to keep a good mind during menopause, girls need to be aware of themselves You have to take proper care of yourself The most important thing is the girls' own world of work If you keep yourself involved in various activities, there will be no possibility of mental depression

Types of diets during menopause:

Girls forget to take care of themselves outside their husbands or families for the rest of their lives Many times you don't even eat properly, However, during menopause but special care is needed Because calcium deficiency is seen in girls, Therefore, a balanced diet is absolutely necessary at this time That is, not too much food and not too little food Fruit must be eaten Also two yogurt 7 Milk and dairy foods are rich in calcium, However, it must be checked whether there is sugar or any other disease, For this reason, proper treatment is needed If menopause seems to be the doctor's advice, then there will be no problem

A key period closes long before a certain age:

Menopause can occur long before a certain age This is called early menopause But it is very low It is very rare Which may not even come in statistics

What kind of physical problems do people with early menopause have:

Since menopause occurs much earlier, physical problems can occur as a result Girls have two main hormones in their body, estrogen and progesterone Menopause means complete cessation of estrogen secretion As a result, it may not be possible to have children in the next case, it may be accompanied by irritability, joint pain, mood flash. People who have menopause at an early age may find that their mental state is not stable, which can affect their family life or relationship with their husbands.

What causes early menopause:

There is no reason for early menopause It can be said that everything is a matter of nature There is another reason Although it is not specific, it is heredity If a woman's mother, aunt, or someone else in the family has early menopause, it can be genetic.

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