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There are 15 reasons why most marriages break up | Islamic Girls Guide

There are 15 reasons why most marriages break up

There are 15 reasons why most marriages break up | Islamic Girls Guide
There-are-15-reasons-why-most-marriages-break-up | Islamic Girls Guide

Marriage is a means of starting a family according to Muslim law or Shariah. A man marries a woman in accordance with Islamic law and a new world begins. A new conjugal life begins. There is also a proverb - family happiness is due to both husband and wife. It is because of this husband and wife that the family is as happy as it is, but it is also the main cause of illness or quarrel in the family or marital life. Studies by various Muslim scholars and Shariah scholars have revealed some common reasons that cause most marriages to end in divorce and most families to break up. 

Let's not be late then find out the reasons why divorce happens and the family breaks up.

1. I love you but now you have changed a lot: 
One of the reasons for breaking up a family or married life is to have such an attitude. It can be on the part of both husband and wife. Thinking like this about another person- I love you but now you have changed a lot. This thought arouses suspicion and started quarreling.

2. Physical Weakness: 
After marriage, when the partner's physical weakness is revealed, the problem arises from there. There is another problem with Orange Marriage. It is quite normal to have some initial discomfort with a person who is a complete stranger. But this issue often creates a gap between the couples.

3. Communication deficit: 
Another reason is the lack of proper communication or coordination between husband and wife. From the beginning to the end of the marital life, this communication issue is not given equal importance due to marital quarrels and the family breaks up.

4. Non-management of time: 
One of the reasons for the loss of happiness in the world is the mismanagement of time. If you can't manage your time properly and properly, your family will not be happy.

5. Lack of Patience:
In many cases, it is seen that after marriage, one of the special habits of the husband or wife or one aspect of life is causing annoyance to the other. The husband may be leaving the wet towel on the bed before leaving the office, which is not the wife's choice. Again, the wife may forget to turn off the switch in the bathroom every day, the husband does not like it. The quarrel is going on with that.

6. Lack of intimacy: 
When there is a lack of intimacy between husband and wife, it starts adding to the flaws in the relationship between the two of them and gradually marital quarrels arise, and at one point the family breaks up.

7. Not to focus on Family means a problem: 
Thousands of jobs in the middle of the family. There will always be problems in the meeting place of thousands of jobs, but there must be focus to solve the problem. When it is necessary to give importance to the problem, if the problem is not given as much importance, then that problem becomes the cause of loss of happiness in the family and helps in creating marital strife.

8. Lack of expectations:
Every boy or girl has an idea about the ideal wife or husband before marriage. In most cases, after marriage, the real wife or husband does not agree with that idea. From there is created a frustration of having unfulfilled expectations.

9. Make extra money:
Must be engaged in trying to earn the required amount of money or money. Both the need and the desire to make extra money are bad. Unnecessary expenses create a demand that cannot be underestimated and this leads to strife in the family.

10. Not having the mentality to apologize: 
The husband and wife have the mentality to apologize. It is normal for people to be wrong. The problem is not to be wrong, the problem is not to admit the mistake after it has been made wrong and not to have the mentality to apologize.

11. Lack of gratitude:
Lack of gratitude between husband and wife causes problems in the family and gradually ends the marital life.

12. Invalid relationship:
It can happen for many reasons - but whatever the reason, this illicit relationship is the main reason for ruining the happiness of a family or marital life.

13. Career problems: 
After marriage, there are many conflicts between career and family responsibilities. After the marriage, the husband hopes that the wife will leave her job and give time to the family. The wife also hopes that she will get more priority from her office than her husband. Problems arise when those expectations are not met.

14. Conflict of power or won't care:
Happiness cannot be imagined in that world if both husband and wife have the attitude of showing power.

15. Unauthorized practices of family members:
Sniffing the family members of both husband and wife is a big problem for any newlyweds. It is very difficult if the elders of the house want to guide the newly married husband and wife as they wish with verbal advice, counsel, or orders. This unwanted sniffing habit of theirs also creates problems between husband and wife.

In order to have a good married life, prepare yourself so that these problems do not attack your life in advance. All of the above are related to the direction of Islam. Therefore, every Muslim husband and wife should stay away from the issues discussed and pray to Allah Almighty for a happy and prosperous married life.
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