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Warning signs of breast cancer | Islamic Girls Guide

Warning signs of breast cancer

Warning signs of breast cancer | Islamic Girls Guide
Warning-signs-of-breast-cancer | Islamic Girls Guide

Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control. There are different kinds of breast cancer. The kind of breast cancer depends on which cells in the breast turn into cancer.

1. Breast or chest pain

Pain or discomfort such as breast or chest pain, palpitations, tingling, or sharp knife injuries is not good symptoms. One patient who survived breast cancer described to the doctor the intense pain that came and went. Another compares the pain to a mild electric shock. “It seems to be flowing from my left breast to my right nipple,” she said.

Breast tumors can take many forms. Multiple cultivars of a certain size, such as a single pind or scattered seeds, may be scattered in the breast tissue. These may be on the back of the nipple or in the milk ducts. The growth of this tumor causes pain or discomfort.

Many times breast tumors do not feel like a lump or a lump. In 30 percent of cases, it is difficult to identify.
In these cases, care should be taken when, how, and where the pain occurs. The doctor has to tell you the details. If the doctor gives antibiotics, you will complete the course. If the pain still does not go away, ask him to do other tests.

2. Itching in the breast

These symptoms are considered early signs of inflammatory breast cancer. Surprisingly, many women go to a dermatologist for months after being diagnosed with this type of cancer.

A rash on the breast can cause severe itching and sores. In this case, there is no benefit in using the ointment. In such cases, the skin of the breast becomes scaly. Tolls or grooves are formed in the breast. The breasts shrink.

In this case, the normal flow of lymphatic vessels through the breast tissue is disrupted due to the rapidly growing cancerous tissue. Inflammatory breast cancer is much more frightening than any other breast cancer.

3. Pain in the upper back, shoulders, or neck

Many breast cancer patients have pain in the shoulders or neck and back without chest pain. For this reason, many people go to a spinal specialist to treat chronic back pain naturally. Which cannot be fixed even with physical therapy?

Many breast tumors develop into glandular tissue, which extends deep into the chest. These tumors grow and put pressure on the ribs or spine. As a result, pain arises in these areas. This can lead to later stage II bone cancer.
In this case, observe the back pain well. If the treatment does not cure the pain, get a scan of the back.

4. Breast size changes

A popular concept in early detection of breast cancer is the presence of wheels in the breast. However, a 42-year-old woman with breast cancer in California said that instead of wheels, one of my breasts became oval.
This kind of problem is more visible in front of the mirror than it feels. In this case, open the bra and stand in front of the mirror and observe your breasts well.

5. Changes or sensitivity in the nipple
The tumor is usually located behind the nipple. As a result, its size changes. In breast cancer in men, changes in the nipple are seen almost all the time.
The area around the nipple becomes compressed. Abnormalities are seen in the nipple and it becomes thick, it looks like small pores in the skin of the breast.
Breast cancer patients often notice a decrease in the sensitivity of their nipples. Blood, pus or watery substances are coming out from the nipple.
The American Society of Breast Surgeons recently reported that men's breast cancer is detected later than women's and can be fatal.

6. Armpit lumps or swelling

If there is any pain in the armpits, check it carefully with your fingers. Breast cancer first spreads to the lymph nodes in the armpits through the lymphatic fluid secreted from the breast.

If the lymph nodes become swollen due to a cold, flu, or infection, wait until they heal. If the swelling in the armpits does not decrease after a week, then you can see a doctor.

7. Red, swollen breasts

If the breast is injured, it will swell naturally. But if the breast feels hot or reddish, then you may suspect swelling or inflammation of the mammary gland. It can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Breast swelling can also be caused by breast tumors. In this case, you can check the swelling yourself.

Breast Cancer Remedies:

Since the exact cause of this disease is not yet known, there is no specific way to avoid this disease. However, some issues may be advised to comply. Which is quite fruitful.

1.     Check your breasts yourself from the age of 20.
2.     Try to give birth to your first child by the age of 30.
3.     Feed the baby breast milk.
4.     Avoid fatty foods when eating out.
5.     Make it a habit to eat more fruits and vegetables.
6.     Try to eat more fruits like Vitamin A and C.
7.   Eat more foods that contain beta carotenes, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and greens. Exercise regularly.
8.    Those who are overweight must lose weight.
9.     Consult a psychotherapist if you have mental stress.
10.  Adhere to religious practice.
11.  Maintain morality and discipline in life.
12.  Avoid smoking and alcohol.
13.  Have mammography if there is a risk factor.
14.   If in doubt, seek the help of a cancer surgeon.

Treatment of breast cancer:

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in cancer. Its proportion among different malignant tumors is 10% which is a serious threat to women's health. Breast cancer attacks women lose confidence in life and work which is the most difficult time for their family. How breast cancer patients should be reviewed becomes a major problem for patients and their families. Bioimmunotherapy is the most useful method for breast cancer patients, according to experts from Cancer Hospital Dhaka.
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