How can a woman understand that her male partner is an oppressor? | Islamic Girls Guide

How can a woman understand that her male partner is an oppressor?
How can a woman understand that her male partner is an oppressor? | Islamic Girls Guide
How-can-a-woman-understand-that-her-male-partner-is-an-oppressor? | Islamic Girls Guide

Who is the oppressor?

They make their partner completely useless, silent, senseless until the girl herself begins to believe that it is actually her fault. No one wants to listen to him and he has no other ability to live. These are the ultimate oppressors.

He will always ask you what you are doing or who you are with. If you don't respond to these words, he gets angry. He is instructing you on what you should do to avoid such incidents in the future.

What could be the strategy of an oppressor?

Generally speaking, addiction, taking unfair advantage or intimidation, including threatening behavior.

If you find yourself in a situation like this with a friend or relative, chances are you may have fallen into the clutches of an oppressive man who wants to control you.

The cause of violence against women is seen as their weakness

This may sound strange in this century when we are far ahead in terms of gender equality. But I will say, these patients are stuck in their hegemonic, controlling behavior. "But it's happening, especially for women."

Experts on the prevention of domestic violence explain what authoritarian behavior is, how to identify it, and how to protect yourself from it.

What does it mean to be an authoritarian or oppressive partner?

A person who behaves cruelly or rudely and disrespectfully. We all behave authoritarian at one time or another, but as an oppressor, he must be understood as one who uses some extra advantage. It forces another person to bow to his desires, interests, needs, or wants.

Some features of the oppressive partner:

1. He does not want to give any time behind the partner or relationship
2. His behavior towards others is disrespectful
3. He always wants to be the main character or the center of attention
4. He has no value in the emotions or feelings of others
5. He is authoritarian and wants to exercise authority
6. He does not want to take any responsibility for his own work or reaction
7. If he is not like him, he despises others including his own partner
8. He focuses on his own satisfaction and sexual needs
9. Trying to win by creating divisions among others
10. A lot of times he seems quite interesting or funny
11. He often makes jokes or jokes that are like the upper part of a bad behavior
12. Lying

One of the most horrific incidents are called the 'misguided oppressor' - a kind of mental behavioral disorder in which one takes great pride in oneself.

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