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Rufaida(RA): A majestic female Companion devoted to medical service | Islamic Girls Guide

Rufaida (RA): A majestic female Companion devoted to medical service

The first nurse of Islam was the female Sahabi Rufaida (RA) who was an Ansari Sahabia. He is a shining lamp of the Aslam tribe of Banu Khazraj. A majestic woman. This Sahabiyya converted to Islam before the arrival of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Medina. Rufaida (RA) took healing lessons from her father.

His humanitarian service was without any exchange. Without any worldly interest. The ultimate goal was to please his Lord, only His mercy.

He spends most of his time caring for the sick, helpless, and children. Imam Bukhari (RA) wrote in the book ‘Adabul Mufrad’ that he had a tent next to the Nawab in the mosque. Where he served the sick. When Sa'd ibn Mu'adh was wounded in the battle of Khandaq, the Prophet (peace be upon him) left him in that tent and ordered medical treatment.

She gave nursing training to other female Companions of the Ansar-Muhajirs of Medina. His female disciples used to take part in other jihad-struggles including Badr, Uhud, Khandak, and Khaibar, and provide medical services to the wounded.

While the Prophet (peace be upon him) was preparing to go to the battle of Khaybar, Rufaida (peace be upon him) and a group of volunteer nurses (female Companions) came to him and said, O Messenger of Allah! We want to go to war with you.

I will try to help the injured as well as help the Muslims as much as possible. The Prophet (peace be upon him) gave permission. If someone was injured, he would send him to Rufaidar's tent. She and her volunteer ‘Nurse Force’ did the job very well. He was given equal status (booty) of the Muslims who participated in the war.

Apart from war, his tent was like a lighthouse for people even in ordinary times. That was the address of the trust of the sick people. The word 'Khaimatu Rufaida' was spread by word of mouth.

European medical scientists called the nineteenth-century Florence Nightingale the pioneer of nursing. But many Muslim historians say that the word ‘nurse’ can only be applied to the first Rufaida (RA) in history.

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in Bahrain awards the Rufaida Al-Aslamia Prize in Nursing every year in his honor.

We can know about this 'Mustashfa' and his life from the commentaries of Hadith and the sayings of Muslim scholars. Let us receive light from this illuminated lamp.

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