Know what is your role as a parent in preventing child abuse? | Islamic Girls Guide

Know what is your role as a parent in preventing child abuse?

Know what is your role as a parent in preventing child abuse? | Islamic Girls Guide
Know-what-is-your-role-as-a-parent-in-preventing-child-abuse? | Islamic Girls Guide

Your first and foremost task in preventing child abuse will be to find out for yourself how you can protect your child from abuse. At the same time you need to tell other members of your family in detail about child abuse and at the same time explain to them the ways to prevent it. And if the child has any signs of abuse, it is important to take immediate action to prevent it. The sooner you can take preventative measures, the better for your child.

Let's know your role in preventing child abuse:

1. Prevention of physical abuse:
Children will make mistakes and learn from mistakes. As a conscious parent or guardian, you need to convert this wrong behavior or action of the child into the right behavior. Now the question is, how do you tell the child the difference between right and wrong? Will you raise your hand, or will you teach the child good and bad by intimidating him? Remember, in the process of teaching good and evil through this killing or intimidation, your child may be physically abused by you. Let's see what your role should be in preventing physical abuse on the child, not knowing about it.

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2. Reduce your habit of getting angry in a hurry:
In most cases, children are physically abused because of the grumpy nature of their parents or guardians. You just need to be more discriminating with the assistance you render toward people.

3. Keep your family and personal problems away from the baby:
Don't confuse your personal life problems with your child's daily ten problems. Keep your child away from any family issues that your little one may not understand.

4. Be a good listener to the baby:
Children will do this and that, in which case, if you are unable to meet the child's needs or if your the child has a tendency to do too much, then do not try to get angry or kill him, explain it to him with affection. Listen seriously to your baby at any time.

5. Stay away from the baby while intoxicated:
If the parent or guardian is an alcoholic, the child is most likely to be physically abused. In this case you give up this bad habit of yours; And as long as you can't give it up, try to stay away from the child under the influence of alcohol.

6. Give the child a chance to go out of the house:
One of the means of proper physical and mental development of every child is to be in touch with the outside world. Give the child ample opportunity to go out without keeping him indoors, give him a chance to socialize with other children. In this way, it is possible to prevent a lot of physical abuse of the child.

Know what is your role as a parent in preventing child abuse? | Islamic Girls Guide
what-is-your-role-as-a-parent-in-preventing-child-abuse? | Islamic Girls Guide

7. Prevention of sexual abuse:
There is no greater deterrent to sexual abuse of a child than the awareness of a parent or guardian. Take a look at some ways to prevent child sexual abuse.

8. Explain to the children that some parts of the body are very personal:
Explain to your child that some parts of the body are very private, not everyone can see or touch them. Teach your child to learn about all the parts of their body from an early age. For example, a child may be naked in front of his parents, but he must be dressed in front of someone outside. Only parents can change clothes or take a bath and undress when using the bathroom, this is normal.

9. Tell your child about body boundaries:
Teach your child that no one else can touch any part of his body and no one else can tell your child to touch any part of their body. Many people teach the first child but do not feel the need to talk about the second. As a result, it is not possible to prevent the sexual abuse of a child in many cases. This is because as one of the means of sexually abusing a child, the offender uses the method of touching the private parts of the body with the child.

10. Tell the child the privacy of the body is not right:
In most cases, the perpetrators tell the child that what he is doing to the child is actually a secret game, and no one can be told about this secret game. As a result, your child may be sexually abused for a long time without your knowledge. Explain to the child that these are not games at all and that those who keep such games a secret are bad people. So no matter what happens or what you say, if something like this happens, explain to your child that he should never keep it a secret.

11. Tell the child that no one can take pictures of his private parts of the body:
Another mistake parents often make is forgetting to explain to their child what is the difference between taking a normal picture and taking an unusual one. Most kids like to take pictures. But you have to remember, there are a lot of sick-minded people around us who take nude pictures of kids and indulge in personal malice with those pictures. So explain to your little sweetheart that no one has the right to take pictures of her private parts or nude.

12. Teach the child how to get out of the uncomfortable environment:
Be sure to teach your child which is uncomfortable and which is normal. When you caress your child, explain that it is normal. But if a stranger or someone else caresses or touches the body in this way, it is not a normal environment or condition. And explain to the child the strategy to get out of such an environment.

13. Build a friendly relationship with the child:
One of the ways to prevent child sexual abuse is to build a friendly relationship with the child so that your child can tell you anything without hesitation. If your child is sexually abused and tells you about it, stand by his side without reprimanding or intimidating him, protest. Otherwise, it will be seen that even if your child goes through these regularly, he will never dare to tell you.

14. Prevent emotional abuse:
It is a devastating experience for children to be traumatized. It is impossible for a child to understand or fix himself as easily as an adult when he is a victim of mental abuse. As a result, many children lose all ability to lead a normal life before they reach full development. Let's find out what your behavior should be as a deterrent to child abuse.

15. Give the child the attention and love he deserves:
When your child rushes to show you a toy, a picture of himself or anything else, or to tell you what he or she likes, calls him or her with double encouragement, not to leave with the excuse of busyness or anything else. Appreciate his work, give him a little reward if you can.

16. Avoid making the child small / talking harshly:
Parents often say things to their children that they may not have said in their heart, such as "Why aren't you like your other siblings" or "It would be nice if you weren't born". Such words may be uttered by a parent or someone else in the family who is angry or upset about something, but it can have a detrimental effect on your child's very existence. Never say such harsh words that make your child feels small.

17. Give the child a chance to make friends:
There are many parents or guardians who do not allow children to mix and play with anyone outside. One thing to keep in mind, there is nothing more important for kids to grow up properly than to be friends with other kids their age. So give kids the opportunity to play and make friends with other kids the same age.

Know what is your role as a parent in preventing child abuse? | Islamic Girls Guide
 role-of -a-parent-in-preventing-child-abuse? | Islamic Girls Guide

18. Learn to say sorry:
Your little sweetheart is a part of you, it is your responsibility to make her human in the right way. If you ever have a problem with a young child doing this, say a small ‘sorry’. Saying sorry does not mean that you have made yourself too small for the child or that you have given too much ‘lai’ to the child, but to say sorry means to make your child feel sorry for you if you make a mistake.

19. Prevent the child from feeling neglected:
It is almost impossible to find a parent who does not love his child. But why should your child feel neglected even though you have immense love for the child? Let the child know how to stop feeling neglected or how you can get closer to your child.

20. Give your baby time:
Time is the greatest gift to a loved one. Spend the maximum amount of time together with your child as you'll. You will see that your relationship with the child will be sweeter, with your child not neglecting himself, on the contrary, he will start thinking of himself as your dearest person.

21. Keep track of baby's health and everything else:
You have the responsibility to ensure your child's health, education, and all other facilities. In addition to giving proper treatment to the sick child, you also have the responsibility to take care of him. You also need to keep an eye on your child's well-being, whether he or she is attending school or studying properly. Admission to school does not end your responsibilities.

22. Build a friendly relationship with the child:
If you can be your child's friend, then all the problems will go away on their own. Try to be friendly with the child from time to time instead of being serious all the time, you will see that the child will no longer think of himself as different from you.

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