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Everyone should know the purpose, foundation, importance and benefits of marriage | Islamic Girls Guide

Everyone should know the purpose, foundation, importance, and benefits of marriage

Everyone should know the purpose, foundation, importance and benefits of marriage | Islamic Girls Guide
The-purpose-foundation-importance-and-benefits-of-marriage | Islamic Girls Guide

What is marriage?

Marriage is a Bengali word, in Arabic (nikah). Marriage is a contract entered into in the presence of two witnesses through the exchange of words between a man and a woman to whom marriage is lawful according to Islamic law, which establishes a marital relationship between the two, a sexual relationship is legal, a Gains specific rights over another and places some responsibilities on the other for one.

In other words, marriage is a contract that establishes a relationship between a man and a woman and allows many things that were previously not legal at all; Rather it was forbidden. But after this bond, those deeds between them are halal; On the contrary, it has announced more rewards.

What are the purpose and basic basis of married life?

Allah Ta'ala has placed the human race in the status of the best of creation or Ashraful Makhlukat on the basis of knowledge-intellect, conscience-belief, morality. So the biggest identity of human beings is human social and moral creatures. Happiness, peace, contentment, and tranquility and uninterrupted enjoyment is the ultimate goal of human life, the longing, and desire of the human mind. In this way, there is no difference between men and women. One of the purposes of the creation of the human race is that men and women will form a family together and from it the foundation of a civilization will be established. That is why men and women are created differently. Mutual sexual attraction has been created between them. Their physical constitution and mental structure have been made perfectly suitable for the purpose of fulfilling mutual desires.

The importance of marriage

The importance of marriage from a religious point of view

Marriage is an important part of every man's and woman's life. Marriage is a reliable source of peace in the hearts of men and women. Marriage is the only legitimate way to establish a relationship between men and women and a tool to protect the human character. From a religious point of view, every religion has some differences, but no religion cohabits without marriage. That is why the religion of humanity, the God-given way of life, has encouraged Islam to marry.

The importance of marriage from a social point of view

Man is a social creature, man can never be alone. The journey of living together starts through marriage, it is through marriage that two people start their journey together, sharing all their emotions, feelings, sorrows with each other. It is through marriage that a man and a woman become partners in each other's activities. Love develops between them and they have children. So it can be said that the line of protection of lineage in human life is tied to marriage. It is the main pillar of a family. So it can be said that marriage completes an imperfect person.

The importance of marriage from a scientific point of view
The importance of marriage is immense not only from a religious and social point of view but also from a scientific point of view. The Harvard Health publication surveyed 1,26,545 people in the United States and found that married men were healthier and lived longer than unmarried men. According to Japanese scientists, people who have never been married are three times more likely to have cardiovascular disease (heart disease) than other married people. It is also said that the risk of hypertension, stress, and heart attack decreases with marriage.

5 health benefits will be available after marriage

Apart from being happy to be together and having friends, is there any benefit to getting married that is good for health? Marriage is not just about bringing two people together for procreation and then coming back. Marriage has its own advantages and disadvantages, especially for health. What are the benefits of getting married? See the explanation below.

1. The benefits of marriage are good for health

A study in the UK of 25,000 people with heart disease who were not married to married people. The results found that her condition improved 14% faster in patients who were married and partners than in unmarried patients. The study concludes that there is a relationship between marriage and one's level of health.

2. Reducing the risk of heart disease

As an example of the above study, other studies also, suggest that the benefits of marriage can affect your heart health. Studies from Turku University in Finland show that married women and men have a 65% -66% lower risk of heart disease than unmarried men.

3. Effective to avoid stress

A medical report published by the University of Chicago found something about the benefits of marriage, which has the effect of lowering the hormone cortisol as a trigger for mental health problems.

4. Rapid recovery of health
In addition to being able to reduce the risk of disease, it has been found that marriage can also support a quick operation recovery. This will be closely related to the partner's support and presence with your days during the recovery period.

5. Sleep better
Who would have thought that getting married could give you a good night's sleep? University of Pittsburgh psychologist Wendy Troxel has discovered that married women have 10% better sleep quality than unmarried women. Sexual activity before sleep is one of the reasons the body releases the hormone oxytocin which makes sleep more vital.

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