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Muslim girls will have a relationship with 10 fights | Islamic Girls Guide

Muslim girls will have a relationship with 10 fights

Muslim girls will have a relationship with 10 fights | Islamic Girls Guide
Muslim-girls-will-have-a-relationship-with-10-fights | Islamic Girls Guide

Life as a Muslim girl is not always easy. Sometimes you can balance your faith with fashion, work, and a million other things. Here are 10 of the battles we've fought:

1. Trying to find the appropriate moderate attire (which still looks stylish) is the best friend of a Muslim girl in autumn and winter, but summer is the worst!
Clothes that have slits in, trying to look too small or realistic are out of the question. It can be hard to find modest clothing to cover in the summer without looking ugly. Don't even start tearing jeans. Islam inspires people to dress modestly and beautifully. Many of the characteristics of men and women are different. They also have differences in dress. Everyone should pay attention to their features and look at the costumes. Everyone should wear tasteful elegant clothes. But wearing a burqa, a Jubba, we will be asked if we are forced to wear it. If we prefer not to wear them, we are asked why we do not wear them.

 2. Hijab Question Some of us like to wear a hijab. It's nothing between us. If we can wear it, we will be asked if we are forced to wear it. And if we choose not to wear it, we are asked why we do not wear it and if we ever plan to wear it.

3. Ah, the phrase ‘arranged marriage’ is such a hot topic when the word ‘arranged marriage’ is looking at what to do. Like the hijab question, we often ask when we are going to get married, and if our parents force us to marry a complete stranger.

4. Doing makeup and performing ablution
The Qur'an forbids women to express their beauty in Kareem. However, except mahram 14 class men. Therefore, it is lawful to display adornment in front of women, female-like hijras and mahram men. However, it is not permissible to reveal the beauty of the abdomen and back in front of mahram men (son, father, brother, etc.) other than the husband. (Badaye '5/120) And yes, if there is a strong fear of sedition in front of any of them - then it is not permissible to show the beauty in front of him. You have to perform ablution for performing prayers 5 times a day and then the make-up will be doubled.

5. Do not fast in Ramadan Muslims must fast for 30 days from sunrise to sunset in Ramadan. Some Muslim fathers and brothers, or guardians, tell their daughters to pray every day, even to say that they fast for 30 hours in the month of Ramadan, and get angry if they do not fast or do not pray. How can a father, brother, or father-in-law tell his daughter, sister, or son's wife to fast for 30 hours? Every Muslim knows that girls cannot fast and pray every day due to natural causes.

6. Shaking hands with men If you want to avoid physical contact from the opposite sex, it can be a problem, especially in business or formal settings. The man reached out his hand to you - what do you do? Run, hide, cough in your hands, and pretend you are sick? However, it is important to know that all men and women who are not mahram for each other, that is, those who have no obstacle to marrying each other, all adult men and women holding each other's hands, in other words, is forbidden or forbidden in Islamic law. Because holding this hand can encourage them to commit a bigger and heinous sin later on.

7. Exercises for women:
Protects women's veils, it is better to wear loose clothing during exercise Wearing extra tight clothes makes it difficult to breathe. The cotton cloth absorbs sweat easily and does not dry easily. So you should not wear cotton clothes. T-shirts, sleeveless clothes are comfortable after exercising. Shorts, trousers should be exercised later. Knee-length shorts are available for girls. And any shoe can be used as a shoe. However, if soft sneakers are used, it is better. Sports bras are available for girls, which are used during exercise and have good enough aspects. And because you get tired after exercising for a while, it is better to wear clean clothes instead of those clothes. Men should not go out to the gym with men or women should work out at home or only in the women's gym. Either you have to read a lot and women have to face a lot of problems.

8. If you use nail polish in our country, water will not reach the used place. If water does not reach, then neither Aju bath is pure, which is a condition for the prayers to be valid. The prayers will not be valid. For this reason, it is not permissible for Muslim women to use nail polish. However, if a woman wants, she can use nail polish only during the period. At the end of the period, it must be removed before Aju or bath. This is because this nail polish does not prevent water or air from touching the nails during ablutions.

9. An environment with alcohol If you go to the environment or school or in a group of people who like to drink, it can be difficult to get out of social obligation. Saying, no, you don’t drink, fifty million times in one conversation can be tiring. And so it can explain why you don’t have to drink to have fun.

10. #GregingUpistrist Parents' fight is real!
The hashtag #gravingupwite strict parents were created for us! Want to go out with your friends? Offs, you've already used your 'Outgoing' coupon for months. Want to stay out at ten o'clock at night? Call better and find out your parents ’mood before you ask! Last-minute work plan? Probably a number. Will there be a boy? Forget about it!
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