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The story of a godly goldsmith and king | Islamic Girls Guide

The story of a godly goldsmith and king

The story of a godly goldsmith and king | Islamic Girls Guide
The-story-of-a-godly-goldsmith-and king-Islamic-Girls-Guide

In one city lived a goldsmith. the person was very righteous and honest. a day before sunrise he would attend work. His shop was ahead of the ruler's palace. Before opening the shop, he raised his hands to the sky a day and prayed: "O Master, the Provider! O, Apologist! you're infinite power! you're the Almighty over all things. If anything falls to the rock bottom of the ocean, you've got the strength to revive it to a dry state! ”He said, opening the door to the shop. Because the king's palace was nearby, the king's funny sleep would be broken by the sound of the goldsmith's door, because the windows of the palace would open.

 At some point after the king had fallen asleep, the king yelled at Reggie :

Who is that this one that forbids my restful sleep every morning and breaks an exquisite dream? The king summoned one among his servants and located out that it had been a goldsmith's job. And his shop is ahead of the palace. That's why the king thought of teaching the goldsmith 'should'. Calling Uzir, he took a diamond ring, and out of the palace, the 2 stepped into the goldsmith's shop. The goldsmith saw the king ahead of his shop and was killed.

 The king showed the gold ring the valuable ring and said:
'This ring contains a Yakut stone or ruby, costing several thousand gold pieces. I'm very afraid this jewel won't be lost. That's why I came to you. you'll make another stone almost like this ruby stone with colored glass. I'll always wear that fake ring. and that I will wear the first ruby ring on special occasions. Saying this, the king handed the ring to the goldsmith and said: Keep the ring carefully but! He took the gold ring and inserted it during a small box and placed it inside the ark and closed the door of the ark.

The king told the goldsmith:

The goldsmith did. eventually, the king said:
Give me a glass of water! The goldsmith hurried away to fetch water for the king. The king opened the door of the Ark at now and put the ring in his pocket. Goldsmith also arrived with water. Give the king water. The king said to the goldsmith: Close the door of the ark well before I leave.

 You got three days. Want my ring in three days. On the fourth day, I will be able to take the fake ring and therefore the original ring together from you. take care take care again! If you lose my ring, your neck is going to be gone. thereupon said, the king visited the ocean with Uzir. Saying that the king and Uzi went from the goldsmith to the ocean. On the opposite side of the ocean, he boarded a ship. After the boat was a brief distance faraway from the shore, the king threw his real ring into the water. Then the boat was crowded on the shore and therefore the king returned to his palace. The goldsmith closed his shop and went back to his house and told his wife about the entire incident.

The wife told him:

'Get back to the shop soon! it's not proper to place the king's ring within the box before making a fake ring. The king didn't say ... If you lose that ring your neck will go? revisit soon! For a flash, the king's ring won't be separated. ' After hearing about the goldsmith's wife, she went back to the shop. He opened the door of the ark and brought out the tiny box. The box looked empty, nothing inside. The goldsmith was surprised. Where did the ring go! How did it go At that moment the bride of the goldsmith brought food for her husband within the shop? The goldsmith is extremely worried to return. The goldsmith told the bride to not have the ring. The bride moaned in her cheeks, crying and desperately searching the ring together with her husband all day but no work was done. So three days glided by. The king didn't hear the goldsmith's prayer for 3 days, nor did the king sleep. The king called his Uzi and said: My plan has worked. The goldsmith doesn't come to wake me up within the morning. But the morning of the fourth day, as before, the king was awakened by the sound of two hands of the goldsmith's arms. The king visited the goldsmith's shop in Reggie. With him went one among the sepoys with the sword. The goldsmith is sort of happy to ascertain the king go. The king's anger went up and he saw this example. Said the goldsmith: Three days are over. Give the ring two otherwise, your neck will go. The goldsmith very naturally opened the door of the ark and took out the box and handed it to the king.

 The king was surprised and said:

 Impossible! Incredible! How did you get this ring? How did you create a hoop that I threw myself into the sea? The goldsmith said: When my wife and that I was frustrated about getting the ring, I couldn't attend the shop, I used to be sitting reception. I gave up eating. My wife visited the market and purchased an enormous fish. Your precious ring was found within the belly of a fish. I recognized it by the king's ring. Soon I took the ring and visited the shop and began working. Diameter! As you're

I made the ring exactly as I wanted. once I was done, I read the prayer again that you simply hear a day. The king couldn't believe it. Raising the 2 hands, they hugged the goldsmith and said: Subhan Allah! you actually are an honest man! I apologize for everything I did place you in peril. Then the king immediately told his sepoy that he would fill an outsized bag for goldsmiths and convey them to Dinar. Seppa did so.

The king gave them to the goldsmith:

Every morning from this morning you'll wake me up through the open door. He will pray:  'O Master, the Provider! O, Apologist! You are infinite power! You are the Almighty over all things. If anything falls to the bottom of the sea, you have the strength to bring it back to dryness! ' (Collected).
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