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Islamic sexual hygiene jurisprudence | Islamic Girls Guide

Islamic sexual hygiene jurisprudence

Islamic sexual hygiene jurisprudence | Islamic Girls Guide

In case of sexual activity or intercourse of the couple's genital mutilation or semen after intercourse, it's necessary for both husband and wife to possess a full body bath or bath after sexual activity, in order that they will restore religious purity before subsequent worship or prayer. Bathing is started by declaring the purification of purified and odorless water that wasn't previously utilized in the bathtub or toilet, and therefore the intention of purifying it for the sake of worship. Then, after pouring water everywhere the body in order that there's no room for the body, every a part of the body is cleansed. Also, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) features a circumcision quote that instructs him to shave off bush within the genital tract, he has set a 40-day deadline for this, and he says more often than bush, armpit hair, thighs, and toes. shouldn't be undone.

Fasting and Ramadan

Husbands and wives are legalized for you on the night of the fast; they're a fancy dress for you and you're a fancy dress for them; God knows that you simply have wronged you, so He looks at you (with mercy) and frees you (from this affliction); So stay in-tuned together with your wife from now on, and pray for what Allah has ordained for you, eat and drink until the dawn of the day separates from the darkness of the night, then complete the fast till subsequent (night), and stay within the mosque with them. confine touch with; These are the bounds of Allah, so don't approach them. Thus Allah has made clear His message to mankind that they'll be protected (against evil).

Quran (translated by Shakir)

Fasting is forbidden during religious fasting or fasting during Ramadan, fasting is going to be ruined if you get fuck during this point or for a few reasons. Sexual tension: Fasting is going to be impaired if semen-fluid or ejaculation is emitted. However, it's not prohibited during the night during the day without fasting.
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