Tuesday, April 14, 2020

If coronary trauma is suspected | Islamic Girls Guide

If coronary trauma is suspected

If coronary trauma is suspected | Islamic Girls Guide

 Here are some suggestions on how caregivers or caregivers will look out of these who haven't been confirmed or suspected.

(1) The affected person should see enough rest, eat nutritious food, drink many water and fluids.

When doing service within the same room, both will wear medical masks. don't hold the mask by hand. Don't put a hand on your face. At the top of the work, you'll drop the mask within the dirt basket.

(2) Wash your hands repeatedly with soapy water or sanitizer:  before coming to contact with or around a diseased person, before making a meal, before eating a meal and after using the restroom 

(3) Separate utensils, towels, linen for sick people - these things should be washed with soap. regardless of the diseased person touches, touch the germs repeatedly.

(4) Call the health care center if the diseased person is in distress or has shortness of breath.

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