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Eight urgent advice on the matter of youngsters | Islamic Girls Guide

Eight urgent advice on the matter of youngsters

Eight urgent advice on the matter of youngsters | Islamic Girls Guide

Everyone is living a reception thanks to coronavirus infection. ask children, have fun, sing. Keep them busy, teaching them cleanliness. Some minor problems with youngsters are always hampered. it's better to remain reception with such problems and illnesses. If working in home remedies, consult the phone or telemedicine. Don't attend the hospital or the clinic unless it's very urgent.

1. Close nose, nasal passages:

In normal temperature water or normal saline, soak a bit of cotton and clean the nose twice daily. If it's not resolved, xylometazoline / Rhinex (9,320%) is going to be ready to open the nose immediately after nasal drop 1 drop. However, it's better to not use it again and again. If the waterfalls through the nose, clean it repeatedly.

2. Thin closet: 

Keep eating saline reception. If you've got a skinny closet, use saline whenever you attend the closet. for youngsters under the age of 6 years, saline intake is going to be 3 to 4 tablespoons each, children over 5 years should tend 5 to twenty tablespoons. Provide breast milk and home-made meals as before. do not buy any food, tin meal, stale food, bottles. take care, whether the baby is urinating properly, and what's life-threatening. If the urine is reduced, the baby becomes weak and inactive, consult a doctor.

3. Vomiting: 

If you've got vomiting repeatedly for a few reasons, provides a domperidone suppository (1 mg) in half or in an anal. If the vomiting doesn't stop, urine or vomiting subsides, consult a doctor. No got to force the baby.

4. Endless Crying: 

Many young children have constant crying that causes fear. Take the side of his head the steps and convey it to the porch if it's locked inside the space. If the closet has done, notice the empty stomach. check out the ear to ascertain if there's an infection or infection. If the crying doesn't stop, await the Cymethicone / Flakol Drop 5 to five drops. Notice again and again. Contact your doctor if the matter seems to be a drag.
When fever, soak the towel in a warm predicament and wipe the entire body with the top.

5. No closet:

Children suffer from stomach pain thanks to constipation. If you are doing not have defecation for 2 or three days, but the glycerin suppository (size of the infants) during a stool. Once during a while, feed 3 to 2 teaspoons of water or syrup. attempt to reduce the meat, fried foods, and provides vegetable fruits.

6. Body rash, itching: 

Many children have rash and itching on their skin during the summer. Soak the towel in a warm predicament and wipe the entire body. If not, you'll eat half a teaspoon of syrup hydroxyzine / critical twice daily. Feed like this for two to five days.

7. Cough: 

Combine juice with a touch warm water, a touch sugar, and a couple of tea leaves and feed the baby with 1 to 2 teaspoons. vitamin C rich foods like fruit juice are good.

8. Fever: 

Children also are having a standard fever at this point. When fever, soak the towel in a warm predicament and wipe the entire body with the top. Eat syrup paracetamol drops (5 ml if 3 to six months old or less, 1.5 ml if 3 to 12 months, one and a half teaspoons for 3 to six-year-olds). Give more water, sorbet, dab water, saline, etc. If you've got a fever with the fever, give the tablet diazepam (1 mg) half pill 2 to three times daily with paracetamol.

Pediatrician, Bardem Hospital
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