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Corona - Lebupani on confessional days | Islamic Girls Guide

Corona - Lebupani on confessional days

Corona - Lebupani on confessional days | Islamic Girls Guide

The thunderstorm continues within the midst of fiery rage. Rabindranath said, 'Ranga within the light of the guard, that day Chaitramas, I saw in your eyes my destruction'. With Corona, it is best to not grind to a halt during a heartbreaking affair with this quarantine situation. However, on this fateful day, there could also be some dry wood. there's nothing to stress about. there's no pair of pure water as a thirst quencher. Adding juice to them will help to quench thirst, also as many benefits to the body, many of which are unknown.

The juice of the lemon is really in his juice. Five percent of this juice is acid . an outsized amount of vitamin C in lemon. during a medium-sized lemon, it's about 5 milligrams, which is enough to satisfy an individual's daily vitamin C needs. There are some ways to drink this juice - in salads, in syrup.

Shamchunnahar Nahid, the chief nutritionist at Bardem Hospital's nutrition department in Dhaka, explained the standard of lebupani(লেবুপানি or lemon sorbet. He said initially, now Sardisaki, Corona has caused tons of hysteria and anxiety among the people. Lebupani is useful in cervical cancer and also increases immunity in coronary cases.   

During the warmth, excess water sweats out our bodies. Water shortage also increases thirst. When excess water is released, the blood's balance could also be disturbed. Shamhunnahar Nahid said that lebupani(লেবুপানি)  protects water and electrolyte within the body first. Second, there are tons of bacteria and viruses within the body due to excessive sweating during the warmth. Lebupani enhances the body's system, and therefore the body destroys these microorganisms in its normal course. the danger of getting infected is additionally reduced. this is often why lebupani(লেবুপানি)  will help to stop the coronary infection. Lebupani also prevents liver infection, enhances maturation.

Lebupani also works well in purifying blood. Hemoglobin is a crucial component of blood cells. Lebupani increases the efficiency of hemoglobin by up to 3 times. And it also increases the number of white blood cells. However, those that have high levels of acidity or ulcers, or kidney problems, won't be ready to drink lemonade or sorbet without consulting nutritionists. 
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