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It is legal to declare that kind of people - all Muslims need to know | Islamic Girls Guide

 It is legal to declare that kind of people - all Muslims need to know

 It is legal to declare that kind of people - all Muslims need to know-Islamic Girls Guide

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The word 'Givat' is in Arabic. It means blasphemy, pseudo-exploitation to explain another's guilt. That is, to precise one's guilt to a different, to explain it. The Kabirah sinned within the Shariah involves sin. And watch the entire video to understand it.

Hazrat Abu Hurairah narrated from Raziullah Anhu, saying that the Messenger of Allah (।) said, "The man must say something to the satisfaction of Allah, though he's unaware of the importance of that statement." But by saying this, Allah multiplies his dignity.

Many times the servant says something that's displeasing to Allah, which he's not conscious of, but he will fall under hell due to those words... But in some cases, you've got to require refuge in Givat. Failure to try to so can cause confusion within the society.

 When describing the fault of an individual like this, it doesn't matter
Imam Ghazali (may Allaah have mercy on him) narrated the Holy Qur'an Sunnah Sharif in his well-known 'Al-Kamiyah Saadat' -

It is legal to recite that sort of person. the subsequent are the seven sorts of Gibbs:

1. favorite states that if an individual goes to a Kazi sahib for justice, for the sake of justice, and for telling the reality if he describes the fault of the other party, then it'll not be done.

2. Number two states that if he goes to a mufti sahib for fatwas, then the reality which he says for fatwas won't affect him.

3. Number three states that if the faults of the king-king, the Amir-Omarah ruling group are removed for his or her will or correction, it'll not be established.

4. Number four states that if Ahurah describes the fault of the Pharisees involved in sin, it doesn't come true. it's said that Fazik, Wajib, Sunnat, Muyakkada, and Hamasha always make them.

5. Number five states that those that are referred to as Lula-Langara, Dumba-Totla, if they're called Lula-Langa, Dumba-Totla, it'll not be done.

6. Number six states that if a father wants to marry his son or marry his daughter, he goes to the other party to the neighbor of that boy or daughter and talks that boy or girl, and if the neighbor's people speak the reality, that is, the boy or daughter. If the faults are stated, it'll not be used. Because here's an issue about one's life.

7. and therefore the seventh which has been said, it's not pertinent to say the fault of the students of the ulama 'Soo' or the religious scholar of the planet, Alim Pir, who sells religion and gains the planet.

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