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100% effective thanks to being attentive in prayer - Islamic Girls Guide

100% effective thanks to being attentive in prayer

100% effective thanks to being attentive in prayer - Islamic Girls Guide
100%-effective-thanks-to-being-attentive-in-prayer-Islamic Girls Guide

How to be completely attentive in prayer. during this video today, I will be able to share some ideas that I can specialize in. So let's start.

1. To consider Allah because of the sole viewer

Well, suppose you're praying, and ahead of you is Imam Abdur Rahman Al-Sudais, the Imam of Mecca. How you pray before him will surely be more beautiful than your previous prayer. But the Almighty has always placed you within the midst of His sight. What he once thought, what proportion more should he pray ahead of the Imam of the Kaaba, what proportion more should he pray ahead of the owner of the Kaaba?

The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Serve God in such how that you simply can see Him. And if you are doing not see, then he's watching you. ”(Bukhari Ha /50; Muslim Ha / 8; Mishkat Ha / 2)
Then you've got to wish as if you're praying ahead of Sa'ang Allaah. Therefore, you want to satisfy him together with your prayer.

2. Consider the grave

Whether in the world, whether Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or atheist, all agree that he must die. And this software is permanently installed on every person's brain called harddisk. due to which, if one thinks of the grave of a person's being, he can separate himself from the planet a few times. Because in his mind, there are many dear friends of his father, mother, brother, sister, and friends within the world. But nobody is going to be his companion therein dark, lonely room under the bush garden. As a result, he prepares himself for the fleeting except for the Hereafter.

So at the start of the prayer, send this message to your brain that your prayer will prevent the punishment of blind and deaf torment within the grave. it's through this prayer that you simply will get to Paradise through this prayer. Then you'll find that you simply can pray with greater satisfaction than before.

3. Control Your Brain

The brain of man may be a strange creation of the good God. Which is a minimum of 1,000,000 times more powerful than the world's most powerful computer? And with this huge brain, we will specialize in prayer. How?

When we substitute prayer, we are saying Surah Fatiha. After mixing the other nut. And our brain is busy with just one task here. And for such an extended time, our brain has become very active. As a result, he's busy brooding about this task as a secondary task. Now if we will keep our brain busy translating the verses we read without giving our brain time to believe it as a second act, then it'll be seen that tons of attention has come to our prayers. for instance, you said: Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin. As you say it, translate it to your brain. All praise belongs to Allah. Then he said: And Rahmani Rahim. he's the foremost merciful and type. Maliki is additionally Midden. Who owns the Day of Judgment. during this way, we've to stay the brain busy for a second. initially, it'll be a touch difficult, but afterward, you'll say Sura on the one hand, and Brain will translate it as his second work. And you'll find that your prayer will bring attention to Insha'Allah. And yes, you want to know the interpretation of the Surah that you simply read. And this one is sort of simple. Surah is going to be translated 3-5 times.

4. Realizing the importance of prayer

Suppose a person sits on a branch that sits on a tree. After a short time, he fell to the bottom and broke his leg and visited the hospital. Now if I say he worked hard then why would people call him a fool and why or why he would get injured and attend the hospital as a result. Because he worked hard but didn't roll in the hay the proper way. If you pray only then he won't attend paradise, but to know the importance of prayer, you've got to perform the right rules. Otherwise, hell would need to suffer as a result of that person. Because Allah says: Therefore, woe to those Muslims who are indifferent to their prayers. Sura Moun: 1-5 He also says:
When they pray, they stand as a sick person, they pray for the sake of the people, and that they rarely remember God ”(4:142).

Therefore, Allah went on to talk of the hypocrites here and said: They rarely remember Allah. many of us end the prayer because Allah says the prayer is over. Because he understood the importance of prayer, he couldn't accept it. So this blessing will take him to hell because the place of hypocrisy is at rock bottom level in hell. So we've to send a message to the brain that I'm praying for Paradise to please God. Otherwise, this Salat will take me to hell.

May Allah grant us all the Taufiq of worshiping Him with full Ikhlas ... Amin.

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