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Historical Islamic mythology, a gorgeous Romney and thousand dinars - Islamic Girls Guide

Historical Islamic mythology, a gorgeous Romney and thousand dinars

Historical Islamic mythology, a gorgeous Romney and thousand dinars - Islamic Girls Guide
a-gorgeous-Romney-and-thousand-dinars-Islamic Girls Guide

Then the reign of Hazrat Usman (RA). 

Blue is that the city of Tarabulus on the Mediterranean coast. this is often the chief city of the mighty King Georges. This mighty king stood at the barrier of advancing the Muslim forces led by Abdullah bin Saad with 5,700 troops. King Georges himself is directing his forces. His daughter is on the side. She is the daughter of the gorgeous.

The war began.

 Georges thought his corrupt force should now teach the Muslim army. But it's not. The brutality of the Georges army broke out with the retaliation of the Muslim forces. Seeing no answer, he announced to encourage the military and therefore the soldiers, "I will surrender my virgin daughter within the hands of a brave male Muslim commander who can bring Abdullah's severed head."

Georges' proclamation created an instantaneous stream of encouragement within his army. Their attacks and rallies saw the new zeal and a replacement spirit. They became desperate for Georges' earnest desire to possess a gorgeous daughter. Their insane attacks led to the crackdown on Muslim protection. one among the simplest companions of the Prophet - Hazrat Zubair (RA) and he was a partner within the war. He advised General Sa'ad, "You also declare that the ruler of Tarebalas are often delivered to Chinchmund of Georges, that he is going to be granted thousand dinars, alongside the gorgeous Georges Duhit."

An intense battle happened within the desert of Tarabulus.

 Georges was defeated in battle. Georges' daughter, alongside her shaved head, was taken captive to a Muslim camp. But who did this infinite adventure? Who did this heroic act? After the war, a gathering was called at the Muslim camp. Georges-Judit was presented. General Saad asked, "Come, one among you who killed Georges." I'm giving him my promised gift. ”

But the entire Muslim army is silent. nobody spoke, nobody claimed. General Saad failed, despite repeated calls. Georges Duhita was shocked to ascertain this extraordinary event. He can see his parents. But why he's not arising with the claim? he's ignoring the greed of cash, the charm of a gorgeous virgin? He could never ignore such great interest that he had never heard the name of such a vicious warrior nation within the history of the planet. Where did his anger and hatred for fatherhood disappear at that moment? A stranger came and took her place.


at the command of the commander, Georges Duhitai showed up to Zubair. He said, "This is my father, this is often the good hero you asked." Gen. Saad requested Zubair to simply accept his proclaimed gift.

Zubair stood up and said to the degraded head, “I didn't fight within the hope of gaining any worldly advantage. If I deserve a gift, then God is enough to reward me.

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