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Doa Kabul 3 golden time! When God doesn't return His hand - Islamic Girls Guide

Doa Kabul 3 golden time! When God doesn't return His hand

Doa Kabul 3 golden time! When God doesn't return His hand - Islamic Girls Guide
Doa-Kabul-3-golden-time!- Islamic Girls Guide

Who doesn't want to easily accept his prayer to Allah Mahan? Prayer and Akuti-Ronazari is a vital issue within the court of the great Lord of a Muslim Muslim's life. How often can we call upon the great Lord, but can we all know when exactly a prayer of a believer, no prayer is returned? Let's not know the precious gold of those times.


Within the east of Johor: 

The Messenger of Allah () said, "The gates of the heavens are opened when the sun is shining from midday to the west." Then it doesn't stop until the prayer of Johor. I might wish to attempt to do something good at that time. (Sahihul Jami, 1532)


 The time of Azan: 

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that when the Azan is obtainable, the heavens are opened at the time of dua and thus the prayer is accepted. (Sahihut Tawargib, 260)


 Expecting one prayer after another:

 The Messenger of Allah (সাল) said, Good news! Your Lord has opened the gates of heaven and boasted to you about the angels, saying: "My servants expect another obligatory prayer after receiving my obligatory prayer." (Ibn Ma'aja, 801)


 Within the center of the night: 

The Messenger of Allah (?) Said, At the beginning of the night, an announcer starts to announce, is anyone presenting an RG? His petition is getting to be accepted. Anyone have something to wish for? it'll be granted. Are you in any danger? Its dangers are getting to be eliminated. At that time, the blessings of a Muslim apart from professional adulterers and thus the extortionists from the businessmen don't fail. (Sahajit Tahrgiv. 786)


During the Doa recitation:

 Ibn 'Umar said: at some the point, we were praying with the Messenger of Allah (). one of the people at the time said, "Allahu Akbar Kabir, Wal Hamdu Lillai Khira wa Subhanullahi Bukaratan wa Asila" (which means, Allah is great, very great, much praise to Allah which I praise Allah morning and evening. .)

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