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See how the devil made the Alli of Allah the devil! | Teachable hour !! Islamic Girls Guide

 See how the devil made the Alli of Allah the devil! | Teachable hour !!

See how the devil made the Alli of Allah the devil! - Teachable hour !!- Islamic Girls Guide
 how-the-devil-made-the-Alli-of-Allah-the-devil!-Teachable-hour !!-Islamic-Girls-Guide

It is way more troublesome to defend religion when basic cognitive process. Then the devil encompasses a ton of hassle for the believer to induce him.
In the worship of Allah mentioned within the hadith, the story of a servant is extremely instructive for America. however, he became the key. (May Allah forgive and defend us) Let's tell the story.

Barsisa(বারসিসাwas a widely known worshiper of Israel, a priest, and a decent man. He devoted himself to the worship of God within the house of prayer. At that point, 3 brothers within the nation of Israel set that they might fight within the manner of Allah. however, they'd a sister, and that they could not think about whom they might leave the sister to. consistent with the recommendation of the individuals, the 3 brothers visited Barsisa(বারসিসা). They went and told Barsisa(বারসিসা) that they needed to travel to the road of God, currently, he might see his sister from the evil lord and every one his repairs. In response, Barsisa(বারসিসা) aforementioned that he sought-after refuge from Allah from them which they must keep one's hands off from him.

After a short time, she thought (basically, the devil came to her) that you simply are such an honest person, that unless you are taking care of the woman, then certainly Associate in Nursing evil person can take the responsibility of the woman and you'll certainly perceive what happens next, this helpless woman. you can't surrender the nice work of the shelter. Shortly subsequently, Barসsa referred to as the 3 brothers and told them that they may keep their word, however, their sister wouldn't be close to his house, nor at the synagogue; they need no objection to having an Associate in Nursing recent house close. The woman took shelter therein a recent house. Barিসাssa accustomed place food for the woman ahead of her house of prayer daily. He wouldn't provide her food until the meal. Every day, the woman had to travel ways to induce food from the front of the house of prayer. Barsisa(বারসিসা) did not look till she checked out the woman.

After your time, he felt that (basically, the devil came to him) which the helpless woman should suffer so as to run such a lot, which the eyes of the wicked man caught her. therefore she ought to have the girl's food delivered to her shelter. From then on, Barossa accustomed to attend the girl's shelter and place food ahead of the door a day.

After your time, the devil came once more and told  Barsisa(বারসিসা) a that he (originally thought to be) observation the evil man's eyes on the woman whereas taking food from the door, therefore he ought to have the food return from within the area. From then on, Barsisa(বারসিসা) served food at the girl's house and didn't sit up for an instant. At that time, Satan once more came to Bar an (in his thought), spoken language that the woman he was left alone with, the woman may feel unhealthy, he had nobody, he couldn't get out, he couldn't see anyone, as if. he's in jail. might|it's going to|it should} be seen later that the woman may become irritated and go wide, then get contact with a person. At that point, the devil appeared in Bar ।a's mind.

He thought that after I was giving them food, some inoffensive words may be aforementioned, however, it unbroken an exact distance from the area, not within the house. Then they started shouting like this and exchanging some skills. therefore went on for a few times. Then the devil once more arose in his mind and aforementioned that what's therefore troublesome or required, simply shouting in agony, providing the matter was created straightforward. you'll see the woman reception, whereas talking. From then on, Barcelona,   the celebrated, virtuous man, hung out reprehension the woman during space. Once upon a time, Barsisa(বারসিসা) spent hours with the woman and slowly came nearer to every alternative. Barsisa(বারসিসা) essentially fell soft on with the woman. There came a time once the honest, virtuous Barসa। ।sa engaged in free love with the woman, and also the woman became gaga. The woman gave birth to a baby.

Again, the devil emerged in Barissa's mind. What a disaster! What did Barsisa(বারসিসা) do! he's such an honest, godly, trustworthy man. individuals understand him as a decent creature. what's going to happen to the girl's brothers reciprocally, what's going to they are doing to her? The devil then unvoiced to him that the sole manner was to kill this baby and throw him to the bottom. Then Barsisa(বারসিসা) felt that what would happen if solely the baby was killed, the woman wouldn't hide the matter, she would tell everybody. Barsisa(বারসিসা)became pissed off, what would she do now! Killed the mother with the baby and drop them below the bottom.

After your time the girl's brothers came to Bar বারa to select up their sister. Barsisa(বারসিসা) told them that your sister had died of unhealthiness.

At night one in all the 3 brothers unreal that Barsisa(বারসিসা) was lying. Sure, there is one here, 3 brothers thought. They visited that protected house and mammary gland the bottom and located that their sister had a rotten body and a baby beside her! They took Barsisa and brought her to the king. Barsisa(বারসিসা) was sentenced to death. The devil himself is what has extremely got him into such a lot of hassle. He aforementioned he created the matter, therefore only 1 is aware of the resolution! currently, Barissa's call that he doesn't wish the corporal punishment or whether or not he needs to measure consistent with the devil's solution. Barsisa(বারসিসা) told the devil to save lots of her! The devil is aforementioned to Barsisa(বারসিসা) that you simply ought to worship him currently. Barsisa(বারসিসা) worshiped the devil! Then the devil is Barisak

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