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There are 11 mistakes we often make in namaz | Islamic Girls Guide

There are 11 mistakes we often make in namaz

There-are-11-mistakes-we-often-make-in-namaz-Islamic Girls Guide

Many times we tend to build these mistakes whereas in namaz. Prayers are obligatory on Muslims. Therefore, most Muslims pray terribly fastidiously and thoroughly in order that the namaz don't fail. However, many folks build mistakes once they pray. many folks build eight mistakes once it involves namaz. 

The mistakes are:1. Specify a location within the queue:

Many people namaz once more in several places. If another Muslim brother is given an area to face by pressing a touch, is that not good? The musjid is that the house of Supreme Being. everybody here has equal rights. it's not right to put the front row with moorabi. the room however no man. When asked, it's glorious that such sir has left the place. this is often not right. Such a factor is extremely unhealthy.

2. folks jump to the front row:

The reward is higher if the namaz square measure offered within the front row. perhaps this is often why on Fri or throughout Ramadan, a gaggle of individuals come back to the front of the Tarabi prayer and pressurize. Even once there's no house, plenty of it's sitting on another's lap. It hurts another Muslim. it's not Islamic. as a result of one Muslim will hurt another Muslim

3. Hurry up:

The Faraj is four. Wash face, wash each hand with an elbow, rub twenty-five percent of the top and wash each foot with gliding joint. they need to be collected properly. Water ought to reach sure places of the hands and feet. If anyplace is dry, it'll not work. therefore it is best to not rush through. The Kalema martyrdom will be browsing at the top of the Aju.

4. Running for namaz:

Many hurried to the musjid for namaz. Even in some cases, close to quick running or athletics, many folks sub the queue to succeed in their namaz. This respiratory illness goes sort of a racket. It failed to just like the traveler of Supreme Being (PBUH). He has illegal. you'll be able to either head to prayer over time or walk slowly and quietly the maximum amount as you'll be able to and attend the remainder of the prayer.

5. Hurrying within the Fajr Sunnah:

In order to participate within the Fajr namaz, Harahamshai will be seen standing concisely with the leader at the top of the Fajr Fajr prayer. Such Associate in Nursing unwarranted haste is impermissible, and also the Hadith has specific directions on the way to love. That instruction is that if one will head to the musjid before the Fajr church, then the initial of the 2 paths of the path can sit up for the church. And if it's late and also the church starts, then one ought to initial head to the musjid and be a part of the leader with the leader and end the remaining prayers (if any) when the church.

The circumcision that was left was a circumcision. now you'll sit up for the sun to rise and when the sun was up, the prohibited time of prayer (usually twenty minutes when sunrise), you'll receive the Fajr path prayer. within the in the meantime you'll be able to either wait within the musjid or return to the house, and when the time you'll receive Fajr circumcision. this is often the rule of Allah's traveler (PBUH).

6. Takhabir Tahirima doesn't head to Ruku:

Another a common mistake is to travel to Ruku while not speech communication Takbir Tahirima (Allahu Akbar). That is, once the leader goes to Ruku throughout the prayer of the church, it's seen that a lot of folks rush to Ruku to mention a Takbir (Allahu Akbar) hastily to induce Rakat. as a result of the muscle that's planning to say Takbir goes to bow, it's referred to as raku Takbir. Then Tahirima failed to earn his Takbir. however, Taqeer Tahrimah is obligatory.

Therefore, it's necessary to try and do some work to induce the leader to Ruku. First, stand upright and lift your hands to your ears and another time Supreme Being can say, Akbar. Then he won't straighten his arm and unharness it straight. Then another Takbir (Allahu Akbar) can head to the Ruko to mention. In essence, there square measure 2 Takbir here. the primary one is Taqbeer Tahrima, that is that the initial act of prayer. If you are doing not say this Takbir, there'll be no prayers. and also the second is Ruku Takbir. this is often referred to as Takbir circumcision.

7. Confusion concerning reading a baby:

Many people square measure confused on whether or not the leader ought to browse the rakyat once he gets a novice. In fact, reading circumcision is circumcision. the primary task when praying frequently is to browse the dagger. One must browse alone or pray in church, and in each case, one must head to college. whereas the leader is slowly reciting the Kirat, there's no drawback with the leader having the ability to bind him frequently. And if the leader is obligated to concentrate on the karat once he's reading aloud, then it's impermissible to browse it. however, the error that a lot of folks have during this case is that if the leader gets a novice, then he initially binds the hand with a Takbir and so quickly falls off the raku. Many times, the rakyat of the leader ends once the Makkah ends, and also the rakyat runs away. that is not right during this scenario, the rash mustn't fall, nor the hands ought to be tied.

8. New Queue while not Filling Queue:

There is an area to face within the front row. many folks begin new queues while not standing in this place. As a result, the proper or left sides of the queue square measure incomplete. Qatar isn't full although it's Muslim. Thus, it's not right to stay Qatar imperfect. The Prophet (peace be upon him) same, "Allah joins the one who joins the queue, and Supreme Being separates the one who breaks the queue."

9. Not Tahiyaatul house of God (Sahih Bukhari 1/1, 5 p.)

10. come back to the musjid with dirty garments (Surah Al-A'raaf)

11. don't put off the mobile once awake whereas praying. (Muslim 1, Ahmad 2222)

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