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Do it There are four tasks in the azure | Islamic Girls Guide

Do it There are four tasks in the azure

Do it There are four tasks in the azure | Islamic Girls Guide
Do-it-There-are-four-tasks -in-the-azure | Islamic Girls Guide

  • 1. Wash the entire look once. (Surah Maida one, Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 1)
  • The border of the mouth is concerning the length of the hair from the purpose of production to all-time low of the muzzle, to the dimension of the 2 ears. (Al-Kamusul Fiqhi: 1/3)
  • 2. each hand ought to be washed once with the elbow. (Surah Maida one, Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 1)
  • 3. anele simple fraction of the pinnacle. (Muslim, Hadith: 12)
  • 4. each foot ought to be washed once with a pillow. (Sura Maidah one, Bukhari, Hadith: 1)

Circumcision in the work of azure

The following things area unit is uncircumcised. These ought to be practiced frequently. Through them, the Aju is consummated and exquisite.

  • 1. Set at the start of the azure. (Bukhari, Hadith: 1)
  • 2. scan Bismillah. (Abu Dawood, Hadith: 12)
  • 3. Wash each hand up to the wrists. (Muslim, Hadith: 1, Musnad Ahmad, Hadith: 1222)
  • 4. Miswalk. (Sunan Kubra, Hadith: 1, Abu Dawood, Hadith: 12)
  • 5. Gurgle. (Muslim, Hadith: 1)
  • 6. Watering nose. (Muslim, Hadith: 1)
  • 7. If not abstinence, then cooling and watering the nose. (Tirmizi, Hadith: 1, Abu Dawood 120)
  • 8. Wash every organ 3 times. (Muslim, Hadith: 1)
  • 9. Wipe the entire head. (Abu Dawood, Hadith: 1)
  • 10. Wiping in and out of each ear. (Abu Dawood, Hadith: 1)
  • 11. To shave the beard. (Abu Dawood, Hadith: 125)
  • 12. Finger prick (Tirmizi, Hadith: 1)
  • 13. Wash the organs whereas laundry. (Abu Dawood, Hadith: 125)
  • 14. the primary limb is to be washed before the primary limb is dried. (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 1, Darakutni twelve, Atalkhisul Habir: 1/21)
  • 15. defend the breastbone whereas maintaining limbs. That is, initial wash the face, then wash hands, then wipe the pinnacle and wash the feet. (Surah Maida, Hadith: 1)
  • 16. laundry the correct hand initial with the paw and laundry the correct leg initial with the paw. (Maasai, Hadith: 1)
  • 17. ranging from the front of the pinnacle. (Muslim, Hadith: 1)
  • 18. Wipe the neck. (Kanjul Ummal 212, Sharh Yahya Lizjubaidi: 2/3, Atalkhisul Habir: 1/21)
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