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The Best Asset of the World is Good Ladies | Islamic Girls Guide

The Best Asset of the World is Good Ladies

The Best Asset of the World is Good Ladies | Islamic Girls Guide
The-Best-Asset-of-the-World-is-Good-Ladies-Islamic Girls Guide

The Prophet came, "The world is packed with enjoyment, and also the most gratifying is that the virtuous girl."
Bukhari and Muslim, Abu Huraira same to Radiyallah: traveler of Allah (PBUH) same, "The ladies are married when seeing four qualities: wealth, dynasty, beauty, and poorness. however you must not be sceptered by the direction of morality, nor your hands unclean are going to be. "

The traveler of Allah same, "Four things ar smart signs. Such as:

1. Good women,
2. Spacious space,
3. simply neighbor,
4. Loyal to the straightforward nature of the carriage.

On the opposite hand

Four things ar toil. one amongst them could be an unhealthy girl. "
As these verses and hadith inspire men to simply accept smart ladies, thus conjointly encourages ladies to realize all the qualities of a perfect girl. in order that they'll be thought of to be Allah's, favorite smart ladies.

Dear Muslim sisters, the qualities of excellent ladies are being given to you before of them. The Quran, the hadith, and also the ideals of the noble students are chosen from the words and recommendations. you are taking the vow to find out these. begin the following as accurately as potential. The traveler of Allah same, "Ilam comes through education. Utensilization comes through tolerance. Allah is that the one United Nations agency searches permanently. "The virtuous woman's qualities:

Allaah says,

تاحلاصلاف تاظفاح تاتناق بيغلل امب ظفح. هللا ءاسنلا: 34)
Ibn Kassir rah The which means of the word تاحلاصلاف is that in step with the righteous ladies, Ibn Abbas, and different commentators, the word تاتناق suggests that the submissive ladies, Allama Suddi and different commentators, تاظفاح
بيغلل is the which means of the word "woman" within the absence of her husband and also the guardian of her husband.

The traveler of Allah same, "The girl United Nations agency performs prayers for 5 times, abstinence in Ramadan, protects her shame, and obedience to her husband, it'll be same to her that you just enter the garden by the door." Allah's Apostle same, Paradise, those that are happy, provide birth to a lot of kids, love their fair-haired ones to mention to the hand, till you're glad, I'll not style anything. "

Narrated by Abu Huraira Radiyallah, in Sunan Nasa'i, the traveler of Allah was asked, 'O traveler of Allah, what's the most effective woman? The same, "The girl United Nations agency makes her husband happy once the husband's appearance at him. the lady United Nations agency obeys the husband, once the husband orders him, the lady United Nations agency has no husband or mate
Do not have interaction during a husband's dislike. "O Muslim ladies, examine yourself once, belief what proportion you've got in common with it. Follow the trail of pleasing Allah. Take an associate oath to realize the nice of the globe and also the Hereafter. use caution concerning your husband and your kid.

The traveler of Allah asked a girl, "Do you've got a husband? He same affirmative, the traveler same, however ar you to him? He came, "I don't create any effort to realize his satisfaction, however on the far side my power, I'm totally different." The Prophet came, "Keep your goal, that's your Paradise or hell."

Good qualities within the lightweight of the higher than discussion:

1. Naka: smart employees and ladies earn their rights.
2. Loyalty: In obedience to lawful ladies, submissive ladies
3. Sati: protective ladies of their own self, particularly within the absence of their husbands.
4. Hefajtakta: The husband's wealth and also the custody of his own kid.
5. Interested: ladies United Nations agency has an interest in taking the husband's selection and article of clothing.
6. Efforts: girl seeking protection from her husband. as a result of the Hadith comes, the husband of the husband or the hell of hell
7. Conscious: girl alert to the husband's wants. Fulfilling the desires of the husband.

According to the statement of Allah's traveler, the lady United Nations agency has these qualities, He said, "A girl performs 5 times per week, abstinence in Ramadan, protects her chastity and obeys her husband, it'll be same to her, enter the garden by that door is desired."
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