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According to the foundations of Islam, the night ought to be done - abandonment | Islamic Girls Guide

According to the foundations of Islam, the night ought to be done - abandonment

According to the foundations of Islam, the night ought to be done - abandonment | Islamic Girls Guide
 the-night-ought-to-be-done-abandonment-Islamic Girls Guide

1. Q: however are embellished with the new bride at night?

Answer: Nababodhu can use Mehdi, wear ornaments, and in line with the foundations in accordance with the foundations, embellished with sensible garments. (See-junk age in Ahkam)

2. Defense: whether or not you move to the house of Basar or can you pray?

Answer: The male bus can enter the house: Nababodhu at the side of 2 rak'ahs (Shukana) Prayer. (See - Shiratul Islam, Ahkamul Islam)

3. Q: what is going to you are doing when praying?

Answer: Then it's Sunnat to scan this dua by Bismillah by the hair on the forehead of his adult female ((Bengali)
Pronunciation: Allahuhamah Inni Asaaluka Khaira Evergreen State Khaira Maa Zubilat Alaihi, Evergreen State Aububika Min Sharari angular distance Sharari Maa Zubilat alaihi (see - Imdadul ruling, Ahkamul Islam)

4. Q: does one have the other work when reading the Prayer and praying within the house of the house?

Answer: numerous Muslim books are asked to try to to the above-named works within the basorgarh. Then the husband and adult female themselves become acquainted with themselves. But first, the husband can discuss the matter with the top. If you are doing not complete it, then take time from your adult female. (Formula - Ahkamul Islam)

5. Q: what's the primary factor you would like to try before beginning manga?

Answer: Before beginning a Maruti, create the primary intention to be true. In different words, it's supposed that this lawful manner is avoided by falling prey to sexual wishes, happiness is earned, and pain could also be tolerated by it, Schwab can grow and youngsters are born. (See- Ahkamay Jindegi, Ahkamul Islam)

6. Defense: several say that it's inappropriate to own sexuality with a lady within the night, is not it?

Answer: No, such a factor isn't right, husband and adult female square measure liberated to relish any time. They are
It can satisfy any work. But, of course, the primary night ought to be taken care of every other's wants. (Formulas - Ahkamul Islam, Ahmed Zindagi)

7. Defense: does one have to be compelled to pray within the beginning?

Answer: Begin the work of Bismillah at the start of intercourse. Then request the refuge from the devil. each is aforementioned along in such some way - Bengali pronunciation: Bismillahahi AllahuMamah janibibanash genie Evergreen State
Jannis Shaitana Ma Raqqatana Meaning: I started this work with the name of Allah. Hey
Allah, keep spiritual being far from North American country and keep the devil far from the kid you provide North American country. (See- Junkieg Ahokam)

8. Defense: does one need to grasp regarding some special restrictions and restrictions?

Answer: a number of the stereotypes and rules of interaction- don't engage before of any kid or animal, interact in draped surroundings, and before commencing Shingara (kissing, breast mudding, etc.). Keeping a bit of fabric to get rid of sperms, sex organ herbs, not talking additional regarding the condition of the spine, to not cross-check the sex organ organs of gamete and also the gamete, when urinating, when urinating, when a reconciliation, to induce concerned in sexuality, wash the crotch and hands, liquid body substance don't let the husband go down like a shot, however, attend the adult female, so the adult female can even fulfill her bravery, a minimum of when intercourse Suddenly, sleeping is nice, abstinence within the day of Jumur, Mustahab, the topic of intercourse, to anyone
Disclaimer, it's on one facet disillusion, on the opposite hand, loss of husband/wife, wife, and adult female united,
Do not cross-check Zonir, however, if Ibn Omar (RA) is united, please cross-check the wife-joiner
Because it's useful to extend tension, it might be higher. (See- Junkieg Ahokam)

9. Defense: In some cases, you'll be able to not move along with your wife?

Answer: within the case of the subsequent can't be reconciled with the adult female. Woman's monthly or catamenial discharge
In time within the case of coconut On the day of roast day. within the state of ihram. The adult female is behind the road.
(See - Sweetheart of a husband and adult female, Junket, Ahikam)

10. Defense: whether or not you'll be able to take care of the adult female or adult female just in case of sexuality

Answer: don't cross-check the adult female and relative-in-law united. However, once Ibn Omar (ra) was united, his seeing towards his adult female and relative-in-law was useful in raising tension, as a result of it accustomed be the most effective. (Formula - Sharan
Nikaya and Hidaya)

11. Q: Can you pray throughout emission?

Answer: the subsequent dua at are scan throughout stealing - Bengali pronunciation Allahimma la Tajal Lishchetani, Fima Razaktani Nasiban that means, O Allah, within the son whom you'll provide North American country, Do not keep any a part of the devil. (See- Junkieg Ahokam)

12. Defense: can an adult female be ready to swallow within the face of sexual intercourse? And husband's sex adult female sucks Can not you?

Answer: within the case of sexuality husbands and wives square measure prohibited by ingestion every other's shame and taking the mouth, and also the work of Makruh and sin. it's just like the nature of animals like dogs, cows, goats, etc. Therefore, you want to abstain from this work. Imagine that the Holy Kalima was scan within the mouth, the Qur'anic Verse is recited, Darud Sharif is recited, however, will the mind need to use it within the worst case? thus this work can't be done by the believer. (See, legal opinion Hindiya and Fatawwai Rahimiya, Ahkamay Jindegi)

13. Defense: are you able to stand or not?

Answer: affirmative, there is sexuality. it's not right to mention that those that can't stand and have sexuality
So the ears can't be detected. (See - Ihfuzas Sadatil Mattein, Al Kausar, Akamai
Books and Edits:
Maulana Bashirul Haque

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