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For your child - sex education in Islam - Islamic Girls Guide

For your child - sex education in Islam

(This contain is for children over 13. It does not apply to children under 13 years of age.)
For your child - sex education in Islam - Islamic Girls Guide

According to Salih al-Munajjid, in line with the Moslem heritage, kids square measure answerable for their parents:

Narrated from Abdullah bin Umar, said: 

I detected from the traveler of Allah (peace be upon him): "Each of you is a shepherd and everyone is responsible for his own flock. A ruler is also a shepherd and he is also responsible for his flock. A man is a shepherd in his own house and he is responsible for his own adoptive husband. A woman is the shepherd of her husband's house and she is responsible for her own children."

- Al-Bukhari (853) and Muslim (1829)

He claimed that the parental responsibility for youngsters is to stay them safe from all things that have a negative impact on their morals, and he claims that as kids square measure educated regarding sex and connected problems at a lower age, it ends up in their negative circumstances, for Muslims. it's not right that they'll enable their kids to require a lesson to sexual education. [16] [17]

According to the Munajjis,

 regardless of the boy or the lady, all kids ought to be applying the Aurraha from a terribly young age, dominate the attention, and applying Moslem precepts before seeking permission to enter the personal place, and it ought to be educated once more once the age of the trial is acceptable and before the age of the time of life is reached. He mentions "the proof of the verses of the Qur'an", that clearly mentions this stuff, as well as the subsequent [16]:
"O you WHO believe, let those of your slaves and people of you WHO haven't been mature enough to simply accept permission from you 3 times, before the Fajr prayer, after you open the garments and when the Esha prayer, these 3 times square measure your gap hours. there's no blame on them, for you've got to jaunt one another, and so God has given you clear verses. Its show options ayatasamuha valid proof to ksatera etc.) has explicit. Allah is Knowing Wise."

- Un-Noor 24:58
Ibn Kathir says:

Here Allah Almighty is coaching the Muslims, that their servants and slaves ought to raise permission of their underprivileged kids before getting into the house 3 times before Fajr Adhan, as a result of typically folks square measure asleep at now. "And once you open the fabric at high noon (rest)," sleep at high noon or a touch whereas at twelve noon, as a result of at now an individual could lie on his woman along with his woman solely. "And when the prayer of Isha" as a result of now is that the sleeping time. therefore academics and kids ought to be educated that at such times they are doing not enter the house suddenly, fearing that they'll make out with their wives at now, or could also be an alternative (visually or sensitively visible) condition.

- Tafsir ibn Kassir (6/82) [16]

When kids reach the time of life, they must invariably get permission before getting into the house invariably, as mentioned within the Koran [16]:

When your children are old enough, they should ask their permission like those before them. Thus, Allah makes His revelations to you. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

- Un-Noor 24:59
Munajjid more aforementioned to separate the child's bed in line with the hadith [16]:

Amr Ibn Shuib aforementioned to be his father, his granddaddy said: The traveler of Allah said: inform your kids seven years of salah, and beat them from the age of 10, if they are doing not, and separate them into their beds. "

- Abu Daud (495)

Sheikh Muhammad Shams al-Haq al-Azimwani aforementioned [16]:

Al-Manabi Fatah-al-Qadir Sharh al-Jami As-Sahegir said: Separating bed of youngsters at the age of 10 years could be a precaution against their attainable can, even for sisters. At-Tabi says that Allah (through the Prophet) has given them each direction in prayer and separation within the childhood, as a result of they maintain order and confirm Allah's command, and teach them a way to show them the proper angle with the folks. to indicate them away to hump, ANd to show them a way to save themselves from sin in an unwieldy scenario.

- Aun al-Ma'bud (2/115)

Munajjid claims that through the recommendation and instruction received from this verse, "avoiding and maintaining the Aura and avoiding potential wishes, which, in line with our expertise, began from 10 years, at that age, most kids became even-handed." [16].

When the time of life is approaching, kids ought to be educated time of life symptoms and separation of male and feminine centrifuge characteristics, and maybe educated regarding the kinds of secrete material which will be free from each sex. they must additionally teach them a way to do the ablutions and baths, to appear when all of them, and to confirm that the kid is educated it in line with what he has to apprehend. Majid has mentioned 2 vital things that ought to be started from a really young age - around 3 years - with that there's a basic link to sex education. These square measure [16]:

Boys and ladies will distinguish between boys and ladies. The tendency of messing up the boys from the first age will cause them issues or could think of the conception, character, and action of each sex or boy.
That is why it's vital to assist a son to perceive that they will not scan their sister's garments, earrings, or bangles, as a result of they're for ladies, not for boys. Similarly, a woman ought to say similar things regarding her brother's work and character.

To teach youngsters that their Aura or the Guptas area unit hidden, and it shouldn't be exposed to anyone. If they teach them and grow with this education, the conception of chastity and modesty are going to be fashioned between them, and it'll facilitate them to guard them against mischief. [16]
He additional aforesaid that sex education ought to tend only if associated with sexual matters or couples, once they would like it, as once they reach the age of their wedding, or if they need enough mental qualifications and stability to know sure aspects of the Fiqh, like the principle of factor, Or one thing just like that, with that the intercourse and therefore the Aura area unit concerned.

The last statement of Munajjidas, "The foundation of this information is largely one thing that's natural and instinctual, and that helps them perceive and should be educated bit by bit and step by step, step by step, step cycle, and sophistication consistent with their age. we tend to should be conservative for the utilization of fighter, and to be conscious regarding the suitable age for discussing this subject
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