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Providing breastfeeding to the child - Islamic Girls Guide

Providing breastfeeding to the child 

Providing breast feeding to the child - Islamic Girls Guide
Providing-breast-feeding-to-the-child-Islamic Girls Guide

The provision of Islam to feed the baby to the mother

A mother's breast milk is essential for the baby. Because of the mother's breast milk contains the nutritional value of the baby and the ingredients produced by God, which is able to digest easily, and easily help the baby's body grow. So Allah ordered Moses, after the birth of Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him), I instructed in the heart of Moses' mother, give him milk.' (Surah Qasas: Verse 7)

  • The best meal for the baby after birth is breast milk. Allaah made milk for every newborn baby on his mother's breast. Which is lightly sweet and warm; which is particularly useful for the child's delicate condition.
  • Today, Islam has announced the signing of the importance of medical science to breastfeeding the baby, at least 1.5 thousand years ago. Allaah has announced the direction of clear guidance about the milk of the newborn baby in the Quran.
  • The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to encourage the newborn baby to breastfeed his mother, "The obligation of fasting and fasting of the mothers of the mothers have been lifted. (Abu Daud, Tirmizi, Nasai, and Mishkat)
  • Allaah said in verse 14 of Sura Lokman: 'I have commanded man to be kind to his parents. Her mother conceals her and suffers from her pregnancy. Then its milk was released in two years. '
  • In another verse Allah says, 'Mothers will suckle their children for two full years. (Surah Baqarah: Verse 233)

It is understood from the discussion of the Qur'an and Hadith-

The time to breastfeed the baby is two years, according to the lunar month of birth. The child can be extended for another six months at the time of need.
Allah said in another verse, 'It takes thirty months to conceive and suck milk. (Sura Ahkaf: Verse 15)
  • Considering the physical illness of mother and child, it has been suggested to abstain from breast-milking in a particular field of medical science.
  • From modern medical science, it is known that babies can be infected with a serious virus-like 'Hepatitis B' and 'AIDS' in the milk of prostitution (adultery women). Therefore, it has been said that in order to prevent the special child from breastfeeding mother's breast milk, it has been said in Islam.
  • Besides, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, 'Keep away from your children's prostitution (adultery) and the mad women.'
  • The mother of all children of the Muslim Ummah should give milk to her child for two full years according to the command of the Quran. After two full years of milk, it is possible to drink milk for more than six months if needed.
  • Above all, breastfeeding the baby's breast becomes a mental bond between the child and the mother, which is permanent.
Allaah has given all the mother the milk of their own breast milk according to the provision of the Quran and hadith, and traffic to observe Allah's commandments and proper care of the child.  Amin.

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