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Women and Diplomacy - Islamic Girls Guide

Women and Diplomacy

Women and Diplomacy - Islamic Girls Guide
Women-and-Diplomacy-Islamic Girls Guide

Diplomacy edges from Woman’s bit

Confident and capable Saudi skilled ladies collaborating in the international delegations area unit dispelling long-held stereotypes of ladies here as being uneducated and uninteresting. The recent visit of Saudi skilled ladies to an urban center in a very delegation headed by aristocrat Loulwah Al-Faisal had an excellent impact on the profession and society. Their qualifications and level of expertise affected all World Health Organization met them. several business contacts were made; deals were signed, and lots of future business prospects mentioned. The delegation, which garnered intense newspaper and tv coverage, met with Hong Kong’s community and business leaders.

The avid welcome given to the delegation was terribly encouraging. The delegation met with members of the Council of the urban center Federation of ladies. The exchange of views and information sharing concerning community and women’s problems was terribly fruitful. the very fact that the visit to the urban center coincided with the International Women’s Day conjointly helped place the Saudi delegation within the spotlight.

Speakers bestowed several business prospects and opportunities throughout a visit to the chamber of commerce and also the Council of International Trade. The visit to the urban center University was equally rewarding. school and students greeted the delegates because the university band contends. The Saudi skilled ladies answered several questions about Saudi society and also the role of skilled ladies that require to be processed so as to gift an additional correct read of Saudi ladies and society these days.

The success of this specific venture, which was organized by SAGA, is attributed to the choice of the delegation, including lecturers, businesswomen, financiers, and media consultants. Their perspective and class contend a significant role in making a positive interaction between urban center business and community leaders and also the Saudi delegation.
Jawaher Al-Sudairy, the gifted and economical SAGA representative, deserves all approval for a wonderful organization. The members of the high-profile delegation included:
  • aristocrat Loulwah Al-Faisal, vice-chair and general supervisor of the Effat faculty Board of Trustees, president and chair of the Board of Trustees of Al-Maharat psychological feature and ability Development Center and a member of Al-Nahdah Philanthropic Society for ladies.
  • aristocrat Mashael bint male monarch bin Turki, educator, and supplier of 2 standard colleges within the Japanese Province. She is CEO of Idrak coaching Co. with AN interest in upgrading Saudi management policies within the Kingdom. She is also a member of the Businesswomen’s Association and is active in promoting and helping businesswomen to make innovative business enterprises.
  • Noura bint Turki Al-Faisal, assistant to the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees and general supervisor of Effat faculty and Dar Al-Hanan college.
  • Samira Al-Sowaigh, a businessperson from the Japanese Province, a shareowner of Al-Moaibed Co. that focuses on paper production and trade, and a member of the Businesswomen’s Association. She is additionally the owner and head of Attala business Services Co., which focuses on media, PR, and merchandise promotion.
  •  Dr. city Jamal Allail, dean of Effat faculty.
  •  Reema bint Bandar bin ruler, co-founder of Yibreen women Spa.
  •  Lama Al-Sulaiman, member of the urban center Chamber of Commerce and business.
  •  Ghada F. Al-Tobaishi, deputy head, Attala business Services, and Advertising Company.
She has twenty years of expertise within the field of media, PR, event organizing, and promoting. Ghada has with success launched several international and native events and conducted exceptional advertising campaigns within the Kingdom. She has wide international contacts and communication skills that have created her outstanding temperament within the field of PR and promoting.
  •  Mishael Al-Dabaan, AN factor of the HSBC Saudi workplace.
  •  Sara Siraj, relationship manager, company Banking, SABB.
  •  mynah Al-Oraibi, a journalist for Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

 The futures of those gifted ladies look terribly promising, and their input as delegates was valuable.
The role of such delegations mustn't be underestimated. Fostering cultural relations furthermore as boosting business cooperation is that thanks to coming through world peace and prosperity. The international profession will play a task by building bridges between completely different cultures and influencing decision-makers to make higher policies that finish conflicts and wars.

Let us hope that additional Saudi ladies are going to be asked to hitch business delegations and become additional active members of the world community. Diplomacy edges from a woman’s bit.

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