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What to do if cervical problems | Islamic Girls Guide

What to do if cervical problems

What to do if cervical problems - Islamic Girls Guide
What-to-do-if-cervical-problems-Islamic Girls Guide

The term endometriosis is used in English, Bengali means tissue in the cervix if it is grown somewhere outside the uterus, such as ovaries or Fallopian tubes. In endometriosis, there is usually unbearable pain during the menstrual cycle. What does the poisonous poison mean to the person who does not bite the pain - does not show the pain of pain cannot be shown. Even with the help of modern machines, it can not be shown. Because of the pressures of the women, trying to hide the problem of the body and do not want to drink medicines. There is a woman who does not want to talk to her husband and her husband about her problems. Many women suffer from abdominal pain and pelvic pain. Especially after the menstrual cycle, the pain began in the abdomen. Pain is increased during the menstrual period and pain reduces after a monthly period. This pain does not match the age of teens in teens. During or after sexual intercourse, there is a pain in the abdomen.
  • 1. Irregular monthly 
  • 2. Severe painful pain during menstruation 
  • 3. Do not allow pain during sexual intercourse. 
  • 4. In the absence of stool-urine, blood is released from the genitalia and pain. 
  • 5. The hands, feet, and body burn like burns in the fire.
  • 6. Severe painful pain during and after time.
  • 7. The Greek uterus is swollen and strong. 
  • 8. Due to the use of birth control pills and copper, 

The uterus membrane or endometrium may also enter the ovary (ovaries) or peritoneum. Endometrium may also enter the middle of the ass and uterus. Once again, the big bang can be pulled out. As a result, the menstrual cycle may also be outside the cervix. But without getting the way out of the blood vessel, there is blood clotting or it becomes like a small blood vessel. In the meantime, water content from the blood is absorbed. The color of the blood collected is dark as chocolate. So doctors call it a chocolate cyst. This system can be anywhere in the stomach. However, in most cases, these cysts are in the back of the uterus, and the uterus. When the peritoneum is attacked, it destroys the possibility of childbearing. Generally, endometriosis is observed for the age of childbearing (18-45) years. It is important to remember that the main problem of endometriosis is the pain of the uterus.

Symptoms of Endometriosis: Why is Endometriosis:

it may cause endometriosis. There is a pain in the abdomen, waist down and the pain continues to last. There is also a pain in the area of ​​the muscular-skeletal and angle. At this time, fatigue, frustration, depression in health can break health and mental depression our cures. I do not mind any work. Some people have endometriosis before the operation of the uterus.

 We say straightforward, during the menstrual period, the screen of the membrane inside the cervical endometrium and the cervix becomes thick. The wall is thick because the sperm or egg can be embedded in the uterus wall. But when the pregnancy does not occur, the thickness of the wall is reduced when the thickness is not created. These endometrium cells enter into the abdomen with these uterine membrane cells or endometrium phallic tubes, and subsequently, there are blood vessels in the stomach. The blood clots are endometriosis or inflammation. Those who have been pregnant for a long time have been shown to be more affected by this disease. Many people who suffer from this disease get pain during the closet. Some people also have a fever in the body. Frequent fever, blood with fever, and blood. After the uterus or ovary surgery, this disease creates blue colored pins in the stomach area or navel. Each time during the menstrual cycle, due to bleeding from the pins, the cyst becomes swollen and the skin is blue to see it. Cesarean section, tubercular arms trafficking place. The endometriosis is also in the place of episiotomy. Some women have endometriosis due to the jinn caused by the body. If the ovaries are affected than the ovulation will be prevented. Brothers will not be ready. If the disease progresses, the Fallopian tubes are blocked by floppy tubes and ovaries. The entry of egg and emissions is stopped. Sometimes the floppy tubes and ovaries become confined. If there is a large cord, the intestines, the anus, and the stove may all become confined. You can check the inside of the doctor and feel the position of the cyst. Diagnosis of Ultrasonography, CityScan, M. More. Endometriosis is detected by a scan. Homeopathy can be a solution to this problem.

Dr. M Abdul Aziz
Secretary: Ideal Doctors Forum of Homeopathy.
Al-Aziz Health Center, Baitul Abed,
53 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000

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