Saturday, May 11, 2019

How Your online habits have an effect on your Muslim momma (or dad) identity- Islamic Girls Guide

How Your online habits have an effect on your Muslim momma (or dad) identity-Islamic Girls Guide
Your-online-habits-have-an-effect-on-your-Muslim-momma-(or dad) identity-Islamic Girls Guide 

What you see and listen to affects your thoughts that invariably become actions.

Have you been binge observation HBO serials that you just wouldn’t wish to get caught watching? Did you ever share one thing on Facebook as a result of everybody else was doing it? Did you've got to travel and delete one thing from the history as a result of you don’t savvy to clarify those web site visits?

Have you started having doubts regarding your beliefs? have you ever started trivializing your actions that have got to be done in step with your faith? is it also you started choosing and selecting your obligations as a Muslim?

Do you come back up with “it’s a not a giant deal” once it involves applying the hijab properly? does one realize ways in which to seem attractive/provocative whereas sporting a hijab as prompt by stylish bloggers/vloggers?

This is, however, your daily impulses transform habits.

Those frequent visits to those daydream like places produce a way of reality in your mind. To you, it’s real. You get seduced by shiny new things, excellent husbands/partners, fantastically lovely girls to own it all.

This short time wishes wherever your senses square measure swamped with pictures square measure sounds begin to become while stays. you begin wanting what they need. the sport of comparison begins wherever you usually let down as new things square measure forever trending.

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