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Do you know the cause of Anal fistula pain and its remedy? | Islamic Girls Guide

Do you know the cause of Anal fistula pain and its remedy?

Do you know the cause of Anal fistula pain and its remedy - Islamic Girls Guide
Anal-fistula-pain-and-its-remedy-Islamic Girls Guide

There is a pain due to various reasons for anal or anal. The main causes of gallstones are (1) Acne (personal bras) (2) Anaphylaxis (3) Anaal fistula (4) Perianal hematoma (5) cancer (6) Considine (7) Pilonidal sinus (8) Peri aal wart And (9) Proctalgia fax etc. It is important to keep in mind that anal disease does not mean piles. There may be several types of anal diseases. For example anal fissure, piles, fistula, abscess or boil, rectal polyps, rectal prolapse, rectal cancer, anal wart, etc. The main symptoms of these diseases are almost the same and because of it, the misconceptions about the patients are made. They think that anal disease has piles and this disease is never good. Here are some of the most common symptoms of these diseases:

1. Anal pain
2. Fireproof
3. Blood transfusion (blood drops or drops of blood)
4. Anus swelling
5. Being extra-fat meat
6. Excretion of meat with an ankle during the discharge
7. Anal itching
8. A small hole in the back of the anus, read the puddle water
9. Blood mixed dizziness
10. Do not come after exhaustion
11. Get out of the ass completely

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Perry Annals Absorbs:

This boil is around the anus. The boil has swelled, there are pain and irritation in the tension. It is difficult for patients to get up and sit and walk. The only treatment of this patient is to expose the pus through the operation.

Fistula in Ano / Fistula:

A fistula is a tube that starts inside the anus and comes out of the mouth through the mouth of the anus, and sometimes there is pus and pain. If perianal abs or rupture itself is broken or the incomplete pump is excreted, then this disease is produced. This disease has two faces. There is one inside the anus and the other on the outside skin. Sometimes there may be several faces outside and inside the anus. Whom we call versatile fistulas. For several days the skin has been closed and pus and dirt are stored inside. As a result, there is flowering and pain in the face and surroundings. At one time, pus and dirt stick comes out of the mouth and the patient feels healthy. In this way, the phenomenon is repeated and the disease becomes more complex.

Annal Fischer:

During this disease, there is ankle pain and irritation during the toilet, and the blood lying with the bowel. Pain in the pain - it may be so much that the patient is afraid to bowl. This pain maybe 2-3 hours after the wound. Testing can be seen on the length of the rectangle in the flesh. Treatment of acute fissure is to keep the lavatory soft and use painkillers. The operation is the treatment for chronic fissures.

Perianal Hematoma:

In this disease, the blood vessel is deposited in the blood on the side of the ankle. This disease is triggered by rupturing the blood vessel due to excessive pressure on the thick large stiff closet. In women's cases, this disease can be born during childbirth. This disease is painful and swollen on the side of the anus and it looks like the reddish-purple color. If you take a little cut out of this disease, then the disease will be cured.

Pilonidal sinus:

The meaning of the word pilonidal sinus is 'hairstyle'. This disease is seen in the skin behind the anus. Small hairs are deposited in skin holes and cause chronic infections. These diseases are more in their hair and niggers. Surgery is the only treatment for this disease.

This disease can be seen around small wards or neck anus. This disease is caused by a virus and spreads through sexual intercourse. This patient speaks of discomfort, pain, and anomalies in pain.


The main symptoms of the patient are a pain on the back of the anus, especially when sitting, standing, walking, or feeling no pain during discharge. History can be known to the patient and the pain behind the back of the cox bone pain. The patient gets better after taking hot and painful medicines. If then the pain is not good. Exercise will require a special injection in the pain, for which the specialist will be able to take the doctor. Apart from the above reasons, anal cancer can be painful, however.

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It is possible to cure this disease by taking a proper diet, changing the way of life, and taking regular medicines

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