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How to keep one's distance from on-line Fitna- three straightforward Tips for Muslim ladies

How to keep one's distance from on-line Fitna- three straightforward Tips for Muslim ladies

How to keep one's distance from on-line Fitna- three straightforward Tips for Muslim ladies - Islamic girls guide
How-to-keep-one's-distance-from-on-line-Fitna-three-straightforward-Tips-for-Muslim-ladies-Islamic girls guide

Ever paused to assume wherever you pay some time on the internet? Did you notice once those short pit stops became should stays? And, however, those insignificant visits became endless indulges over time?

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If you concentrate on every web site as a house, whose homes does one frequent regularly? square measure these visits making fitna in your life? 
The Internet is enticing. Everything is barely a click away- you hardly ought to move a muscle to access every kind of fact, opinion, and diversion. If you’re not careful, you'll be able to end up deep within the rabbit hole- lost and derailed.

Here’s however you’re seduced to on-line fitna-


There square measure fascinating photos, photos, images, videos everyplace on the net. you'll be able to find much associate degree thing- from keeping tabs on a recent man or recent crush on Facebook to what’s the newest trend in purses on Vogue.

Why is it bad? as a result of you don’t get to fathom either and each stemmed from need and lust. however, the convenience of it all makes it almost harder. You wouldn’t check on your ex or your crush if you had to raise somebody physically, however, the convenience of obscurity makes it nearly irresistible. You become overstimulated by most information- photos, and words, your brain becomes tired and your self-possession diminishes. then there's the handcraft of jinni who’s continually there to derail you from your religion. 

Then comes another blow to your Iman. what percentage people lower our gaze once we stumble upon half-clothed individuals, principally women? These nearly naked pictures square measure everyplace, your favorite vlogger leisure at a beach carrying next to nada to the sidebar of your email account. we tend to square measure thus want to see these nearly naked photos that we've become desensitized to the inappropriateness of them.

These pictures square measure typically delineate as beautiful, beautiful- one thing to be revered and emulated. These actions are represented as proof of beauty, freedom, and liberty. this can be however commonness gets normalized. You get want to this perennial exposure to provocative photos and don’t assume abundant of those sinful practices that had become the norm.

What will cause the habit of seeing these sexual images? creation addiction among other vices. 
The same things go for words- an utterance that's. Here’s an associate degree example, a piece on Kanye West’s visit to the White House
“Let’s stop worrying regarding the long run, all we've is these days,” West aforementioned, commenting on his own presidential ambitions. “Trump is on his hero’s journey without delay. He won't have thought he’d have a crazy mother-father like ME (supporting him).“

How unhappy is it?

Not too way back, I stumbled upon this journal on help. whereas the posts that the author shared was useful, his language was not- it absolutely was full of expletives and utterance of all types. I made a decision to chop my ties together with his journal as {i was| I wont to be} afraid I’d get used to his f-bombs and alternative foul language.


Many people Muslim ladies hear music, podcasts, and YouTube channels, plenty of them square measure affected by cuss words and profanities. The words and sound you hear typically translate into pictures in your brain. Like photos, these sounds become a part of your life. You get desensitized and hardly create an effort to skip the bleep. You fake you didn’t hear it- the aforementioned it thus fast!- or, you imagine the words square measure imperceptible- to avoid the guilt.

The words hardly stop as shortly as you stop paying attention to them. once you hear them typically, your brain starts taking note to them and starts to form a sense of them. what percentage times did it happen that you simply extremely despised this new song once it came out and eventually found yourself buzzing when it absolutely was being contended everywhere?

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Think about it.

Many of the songs, YouTube videos, movies, podcasts contain inappropriate words, utterance, and a few even encourage you to become lustful and promiscuous. Some square measure gave thus subtly that you simply will hardly discover it. And it’s all exhausted the name of celebrating freedom and love.

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