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The Mahaarim, the Prohibited women to Marry - Islamic Girls Guide

The Mahaarim, the Prohibited women to Marry 

The Mahaarim, the Prohibited women to Marry - Islamic Girls Guide
The-Mahaarim-the-Prohibited-women-to-Marry-Islamic Girls Guide 

It is a condition that the girl an individual needs to marry the state of that administrative body does not appear to be out for him to marry. 

The Prohibited women area unit of two Categories:

1) women prohibited forever are: 

The mother, in spite of but high the lineage she is additionally. the feminine offspring, and her grand-daughter in spite of but down the lineage, she is additionally, the sisters, the maternal relative, the paternal relative, the brothers' daughters, the sister's daughters, the wife's mother, the wives' daughters, the father's mate, the son's mate, the male's wet nurse. it's to boot prohibited for an individual to marry two sisters at a similar time. it's to boot out for an individual to marry the girl he unmated by Mula' ana or imprecation. Suckling a baby establishes a foster kinship associate degreed is an associate impediment to the marriage when sure cases in cognition area unit, except for the mother of one's foster brother, and so the foster sister of man's son.

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2) Quickly out a woman for a particular quantity of time:

a. Ma.rrying two sisters at constant time, or the woman and her maternal, or paternal relative. Once the adult female has died or unmarried, her husband would possibly marry her sister or her relative.

b. a woman in iddah as a result of divorce. or the death of her husband.

c. The mate administrative body has become irrevocably unmarried her husband cannot marry her before she has married another man.

d. A girl in ihram until she has over her rites of the lIajj or the Umrah.

e. A disbeliever is not allowed to marry a Muslim girl before turning into a Muslim himself.

f. A Muslim is not allowed to marry a disbeliever girl, un]ess she may well be a free girl from the oldsters of the Book.

g. it's out for a bondsman to marry mistress, and so is it for a master to marry his bondswoman as a result of he owns her a woman married by a marriage contract is unlawful to be possessed as a bondswoman unless she may well be a bondswoman from the oldsters of the Book.

The lineage deciding issue regarding the prohibited women: All man's relations unit of measurement prohibited for him to marry other than his paternal and maternal cousins. if or her guardian lays a condition that her husband should not marry another girl in conjunction with her, nor to want her out of her home or country. or demand. an increase of her dowry', or the kind that does not violate the contract, such conditions unit of measurement thought-about va]id. If the husband violates these conditions, she becomes entitled to dissolve the marriage if she thus desires.

It is permissible for the Muslim to marry four girls provided he maintains fairness in reading them as regards maintenance, clothes, food' and shelter and thus kind. If he fears being unfair' it becomes unlawful for him to marry over one. The gift is that the woman's right upon her husband. He ought to pay it to her for having her genitals created legal for him.

If the husband does not pray, it becomes unlawful for the spouse to remain hi's the company for neglecting prayer is an associate act of kufr or disbelief' and sense of the rule: "No guardianship of a disbeliever over a Muslim girl." If she neglects prayer, she ought to be d.ivorced if she does not repent to Allah.


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