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Women's Sexual Rights in Islam | Islamic Girls Guide

Women's Sexual Rights in Islam

Women's Sexual Rights in Islam - Islamic Girls Guide
Women's-Sexual-Rights-in-Islam-Islamic Girls Guide


Many of the critics of Islam want to mean that women's sexual needs are not of any value in Islam, but men have been given unilateral rights in this regard when men wish they will fulfill sexual needs and the wife will be ready to meet that demand. There is a huge role in this incomplete recitation of Quranic verses and hadith behind this concept. In fact, seeing some of the Quranic verses or some hadith, it is not possible to completely understand the teachings of Islam, but it can in many cases confuse the reader. In order to properly understand the teachings of Islam on any subject, all the verses of the Quran and all the head's chains should be kept in it. However, the purpose of my writing is to show that women have no recognition of sexual needs in Islam. Let's go back to the main discussion.

Chapter why claim this? Now we are told in verse 22 of Surah al-Baqarah:

Your wives should have a measure of size, so head to your tilth, once or however you'll
Your wives are the fields of grain for you. Use them as you like.

Suddenly, when it appears in front of anyone, it may seem that here the man is allowed free of sexual intercourse with his wife - even if there is no need to look at the convenience of the wife. Those who propagate such ideas, they usually mention some of the hadith in support of their concept after mentioning this verse,

If a woman spends the night by avoiding her husband's bed, the angels are cursing him until morning. (Muslim, translation of Hadith in -3366)

In addition to the above-mentioned sentences and some such hadiths, many want to prove that Islam has established only male sexual rights and has given free licenses to women when they are sex machines. In straightforward Islam, sexual rights should be one-sided! Really?

Chapter II

2.2 Correction of the Quranic verses 2: 223, explaining the reason for superstition, confusion.
One of the prejudices among the Jews of Medina was that if someone had sex with his wife on the backside, then it would have been believed that this would give birth to a blinded child. Medina's Ansaras were strongly influenced by the Jews in the pre-Islamic era. As a result, the Ansar was also suppressed by this superstition. This superstition was not within the Meccans. After coming to Medina from the Muhajirs of Mecca, when a mujahid went out to interact with his Ansar wife, a problem arose. Ansa's wife misinterpreted this method and said that without doing the permission of Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) he would not do anything. As a result, the incident reached the Prophet (peace be upon him). In this connection, the revelation of the Qur'an (2: 223) is revealed, where it implies - no matter whatsoever on the front or behind the vagina, but there is no problem. Regardless of the way crops are produced in the field or in any way, there is no problem in producing grains in the same way as the husband does not have any problem in producing his or her vagina, and there is no relation to having children with a blind eye. See detailed tafsir. Another thing is to make anal sex illegal. Click this link in detail.

Therefore, the purpose of this verse is to remove the prejudice of the prejudices of the Jews, and not to the inability of the wife to take advantage of the inconvenience. Those who think that the Qur'an has been borrowed from the Book of the Jewish Christians or Muhammad (peace be upon him) has heard the Qur'an from the Jewish Christians, this verse is quite uncomfortable for them! The people of true liberty were to praise this verse rather, but the worthy verse of contentment was targeted for criticism.

2. An analysis of the hadith about the curse of the angels

Now the words of the above hadith about the curse of the angels came. This hadith also came to Bukhari in a more complete way:

If a husband invites his wife to bed (for example, to mate), and he refuses and makes him sleep in rage, the angels continue to curse him until morning. [Bukhari, English Translation Volley-4 / Book-54/460]

What is the husband being angry with her husband's response to the call?
Taking control of his wife by force?
Or have you fallen asleep?

In this hadith, the woman is criticized for not giving a response to her husband's response to the call of the woman, but she is not encouraged to force her in the form of forced labor. Again, if the wife wants to abstain from sexual misconduct due to illness or any other reason, she will not be eligible for this criticism, because there is a universally accepted policy of Islam:

God does not burden anyone over his burden.
God does not charge anyone with any work beyond his means. [2: 286]
I do not delegate any responsibility to anyone. [23:62]

3. Islam has just warned women?

It is true that Islam has asked wives to be careful about their husbands' sexual needs, but they have not given permission to husbands to become vulnerable to seeking their own needs, as well as to direct their husband to the sexual needs of his wife. Islam told the wife that if she wants to have sexual intercourse with her husband, she should respond, and on the other hand, she tells the man to behave well with his wife, and if she is not well considered, she can not be a full believer or a good person. Even after knowing this, no man should listen to the needs of his wife without having to look after her? Islam also warns the man about the need to forget his wife's sexual needs in order to fulfill his sexual needs. Many people are thinking, what are we talking about, where are these?

Chapter 3

3.1 The importance of goodness with the wife in Islam
See the following Hadiths a little better:

Narrated by Abu Hurairah (RA):

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that a person full of faith is a believer, whose conduct is best. And among you are those who behave well for their wives in the best manner. [Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 1079]


Abu Hurairah (Ra) was narrated from:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that the believer should not have hatred towards the believer (wife). If one of his habits is disliked, another habit would be liked. [Muslim Hadith No. 1469, 2667]

Hadith -3

Aishah (RA) was narrated from:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that a person full of faith is a person whose conduct is good and beneficial for his family. [Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 255]
So we can see, the teachings of Islam are:
  •  A believing man will not be able to have hatred towards his wife.
  •  The conditions of the fulfillment of the effect of being soft, humble, gracious towards the goodwill, and the wife and the family.
  •  If a man wants to be good, he must be good to his wife.
The most important thing to a Muslim is his faith - which is not enough to sacrifice his life for the sake of faith - for the fulfillment of the faith, there is no way of being kind, flexible, and benevolent to the wife. A Muslim cannot be considered good unless his conduct is better with his wife.
 Now the question is-
  • Does a husband who does not look after his wife's sexual needs, can he be better with his wife?
  • Or can a husband who is involved in sexual intercourse with his wife, regardless of the inconvenience of his wife, be better with his wife?
  •  The answer is, can not be. A good Muslim will be careful about the biological needs of a wife, and also will not create conditions that are difficult for her wife when fulfilling her biological needs. No one can be good for his wife by misbehaving with his wife and not a full believer.

3. Importance of wife's sexual needs in Islam

Islam does not justify the sexual rights of women, but it is clear evidence of the fact that the following Hadith is concerned about it.

Anas bin Malik (Ra) was narrated from:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that when a man has sexual intercourse with his wife, he should fully (intercourse). And when his needs are fulfilled (if it is spermatic), but the demand of a woman is incomplete, then she should not be hasty. [Abdur Razzak in Musnaf, Hadith no-10868]

What is being said here? During sexual intercourse, the man should not rise as soon as his own sexual needs are fulfilled, delaying until the wife's sexual needs are met. Even after seeing such a hadith with eyes, it should be appropriate for anyone to claim that women's sexual needs are not recognized in Islam!

This is the advice. But in reality, if someone does not follow this advice then such men are warned that their guardians and friends, such as the duty of the females, have the right to complain against their husbands to the Islamic State. Some of these incidents are coming out in paragraph 4.

Besides, in spite of sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse is forbidden in Islam. Because it fulfills the needs of the husband, the wife's needs are not fulfilled and it is difficult for the wife. Particulars will be highlighted in chapter 5.

Chapter 4
In this chapter, we will discuss some exemplary events where the husband has been warned for neglecting his wife's sexual rights, even against the husband, to the complaint to the Islamic ruler.

Example -1

Narrated by Abu Musa Ashari (RA):

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his wife, Malin Badan, and the old cloth came to the wives of Prophet Karim (peace be upon him). They asked him why this situation? There is no one rich among your husbands among the Quraish. He said, what will happen to us? Because my husband's night is spent in prayer and cutting the day in fasting. Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) entered. Then the Prophet's wives told him about the matter. So, when he met Osman bin Nawaz, he said to him, "Is there no way for you to be there?" Osman said, "What is the name of Allah's Messenger?" I died for you! Then he said, "Do you spend the night in prayer and do not spend the day fasting? But you have the right of your family, and you have rights in your body, you will also pray and sleep, and you will also fast for it. " He said, then another day his wife came in a clean and aromatic condition so that the bride will be in front of him. [Majmaye Zawaid, Hadith No. 762; Sahih Ibn Hibban, Hadith Number-316]

Example 2:

Abu Zuhayfa (RA) said:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) established brotherhood between Salman (RA) and Abu Darda (RA). Salman went to meet Abu Darda (RA) and Um Darda (the wife of [Abu Darda] was dressed in dirty clothes and asked him the reason for that condition. He said, "Your brother Abu Darda is not in the world's demand". In between, Abu Darda came and prepared food for him (Salman) and said, "Take food because I am fasting". Salman said, "I do not eat if you do not play". So Abu Darda (RA) plays. When the night, Abu Darda (RA) got up (for the night prayer). Salman said, "sleep"; He slept Again, Abu Darda (Prayer) got up, and Salman said, "sleep." At the end of the night, Salman said to him, "Now get up (for the prayer)." So they both prayed and Salman said to Abu Darda (RA), "You have the right to your lord; You have the right to your soul, you have the right to your family; Therefore, each person should pay his due. " Then Abu Darda (RA) met the Prophet (peace be upon him) and mentioned this to him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, "Salman says the truth." [Bukhari, Hadith No. -1867]


Hadrat'Abdullah bin Amr said, "My father married me with a Quraishi girl. That girl came to my house. I have not given any attention to him because of my special attachment to the prayer of fasting. One day my father, Amr bin Aas, came to his daughter-in-law and asked, How did you get your husband? He replied, "A very good man or a very good husband. She does not look for my mind and does not come near my bed. When he heard this, he gave me a lot of insults and said harsh words and said, 'I married you a Quraishi high-handed daughter and you hang him like this?' He went to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and complained about me. He called me. When I attended, he asked, "Do you fast for the day?" I said yes. He asked, 'Pray you all night? I said yes. He said, "I keep fasting and leave fasting, pray and sleep, associate with my wives." The person who does not want me to be circumcised is not a member of mine. [Musnad Ahmad, Hadith No. 6441]

Example 4:

Qatadah said, "A woman came to Umar and said," My husband used to pray for the night and kept fasting for the day. " He said, "So do you want to say that I forbid him to pray during the night and keep fasting in the day?" The woman went away. Then came again and said as before. He also responded as before. Ka'b bin Sur (R) said, Amirul Mu'minin, he has the right. He asked, 'How about the truth? Ka'b said, "Ka'b said," Allah has permitted four weddings for him. " So make him count of four people and decide for him every four nights a night. Give him a charity every four days. Umar called for her husband and told him that he would spend one and a half nights every night and would have to fast after every four days. [Abdur Razzak in Musnaf, Hadith no: 12588]

Chapter 5

The importance of horn in Islam

Islam emphasizes the importance of intimacy with the wife prior to sexual intercourse or making horns. It is said that it is very difficult for the wife to wear sexual intercourse without having prepared for sexual intercourse - which is very difficult for the wife - in Islam, it is said to have sexual intercourse and to make horny and passionate kiss before sexual intercourse, it is said to be Muwakkadah is Sunnat. In reference to a woman questioned in this garment, Darr-Iftaa, Leicester, will state a part of fatwas provided from the kingdom, so that the importance of Shringar in Islam will be obvious:

Imam Da'lamai (RA) has written a hadith on the authority of Anas bin Malik (RA) that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has been described as saying that "no one should fulfill his sexual needs as his wife, In between kissing and talking, Shringara should be. "(Musnad al-Firdous of Dailami, 2/55)

Imam Ibn al-Kawyim (RA) mentions in his famous Tibb Nawawi that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has forbidden intercourse before performing Shingar (See: Tibb Nawawi, 183, Jabir bin Abdullah)

Allama al-Munabi (RA) said:

"Shankar and emotional kissing before mating, it is Sunnat Mwakkabad and it is otherwise Makarov." (Faiz al-Qadir, 5/115, Note: Hadith No. 6536) [Source]

The last thing:

In the beginning, I said that the purpose of my writing is to show that women have no recognition of sexual needs in Islam. So, I did not add a lot of significant and significant additions to the Quran and Hadith. But even after knowing what we have mentioned, 'Sexual needs of women are not worth any money', 'Islam has given free licenses to the rape of a man on the woman', 'Islam has given sexual rights to unilaterally,' said the national accusation.

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