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The knowledge of Marriage | Islamic Girls Guide

The knowledge of Marriage

The knowledge of Marriage | Islamic Girls Guide
The-knowledge-of-Marriage -Islamic Girls Guide

The marriage and pairing are of the laws that the Supreme Being has passed for His creatures. Pairing applies normally to animals and vegetation. As for the man of Supreme Being has distinguished him over the remainder of His creation by assignment to him an acceptable system whereby man's dignity and honor could also be maintained, and his esteem could also be preserved through the legal wedding.

Such a procedure secures a relationship between man and girl that's supported mutual respect and consent. therefore man's natural wants are consummated during a sound manner to preserve posterity and shield girl from being a typical object.

The marriage is one among the Muslim laws to that the traveler, peace be upon him, inspired the youth saying:

Young individuals, whoever of you'll afford a wedding, let him hook up with, for wedding helps restrain the appearance, land preserves their chastity. The World Health Organization cannot afford it, let him observe fast, for fast may be a deterrent.

The knowledge of Marriage:

  1. The wedding may be a healthy surrounding during which the family maintains its cohesiveness and reciprocal love. It conjointly helps maintain chastity and guards one from committing the Prohibited.
  2. the wedding is that the best means that of replica and multiplication, and protect the family lineage.
  3. the wedding is that the best means that of fulfilling sexual wants free from connected diseases.
  4. wedding fulfills the parental and maternal senses in man through having youngsters.
  5. wedding helps maintain a sense of security, self-happiness, and chastity for each husband and mate.
  6. the wedding is usually recommended for him the World Health Organization is thirsty of it, and isn't feared to commit fornication. Otherwise, the wedding may be a should for an individual who fears to commit fornication.
  7. it's counseled to marry a lady World Health Organization is spiritual, virgin, fertile, and delightful.
  8.  it's applaudable for a person to check the lady whom he intends to marry once she is in the middle of members of her family. She too has the proper of viewing him for the constant purpose.
  9. If it's impossible for the proposing person to check her, he might send a trustworthy girl to check her for him, the World Health Organization would describe her to him.
  10. it's unlawful for a person to create a proposal for a lady once another Muslim has already created a proposal to her before he declines.
  11. it's unlawful to create an obvious proposal for a single girl, or a widow World Health Organization is in her iddah. It is permissible but, to hint regarding wedding to such a lady voice communication, for example, "I would love to marry a lady such as you." and he or she might respond by saying: "No girl would reject you", and therefore the like.
  12. it's permissible to create a direct or indirect proposal to a lady in her iddah of al irrevocable divorce.
  13. it's unlawful to create a direct or indirect proposal to a lady in her iddah of a reversible divorce.
  14. it's counseled to consummate a wedding contract on a weekday evening as a result of there's a time thereon day once the dua would be skillful. it's conjointly AN act of tie Sunna to perform the operation within the house of worship if attainable. there's no damage, however, if a wedding contract is officiated on any day, any time, or place, and it'd be valid.
  15. it's counseled to recite the khutbah of the Prophet, peace be upon him, for the occasion: All praise belongs to Allah Whom we have a tendency to praise, and Whose aid we have a tendency to beg. we have a tendency to look for His forgiveness and steering, and that we take refuge in Supreme Being from our own evils and from our sinful acts' He whom Supreme Being guides correctly none will lead wide, and whom He leads astray none will guide correctly. I testify that there's no true god except Supreme Being alone, He has no partner. I testify that Muhammad is the slave of the Supreme Being and His traveler. might Allah's blessings be upon him, and upon his family, his companions, and people World Health Organization follow them with righteousness, till the Day of Requital.
Thereafter, the wedding contract would then be officiated.

Source: The Book of Nikah
Writer- Muhammed b. Ibrahim At-Tuwlary

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