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The Ideal Muslim Husband | Islamic Girls Guide

The Ideal Muslim Husband

The Ideal Muslim Husband | Islamic Girls Guide
The-Ideal-Muslim-Husband | Islamic Girls Guide

Abu Hurayrah connected that the Prophet (SAWS) said:
“The most excellent believer is he whose conduct is best, and therefore the best among you is the UN agency behaves best towards his wife” [at-Tirmidhi]

He treats his partner fairly and in good order.

  • He shouldn’t let his study, work, hobbies, responsibilities, or friends take up all his time and keep him from her.
  • Islam guarantees woman’s rights to fancy her husband to the extent that it even tells the husband to not pay all his time in worship. Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al ‘As relates that the Prophet (saws) said:
Have I not detected that you simply quick all day and stay awake all night in prayer?” Abdullah aforementioned, “That is true, O traveler of Allah.” The Prophet (Saws) told him: “Do not do this. quick and break your quick, sleep, and find up. For your body contains a right over you, your eyes have a right over you, your partner contains a right over you, and your guests have a right over you. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]
  • He ought to treat his partner within the very best approach, with a smiling face, tolerance, easy-going and light-hearted nature, and delicate humor.
  • Aisha (RA) reported that once she went on a journey with the Prophet (Saws), she challenged him to a race and won. Later, once she had gained weight, she raced him once more, however now he won, and he told her, “This is for that”. [sahih hadith narrated by Ahmed and Abu Dawud]

In another report, Aisha said:

“By Allah, I saw the Prophet (Saws) standing at the door of my space once some Abyssinians were fiddling with spears within the place of worship. The traveler of Allah (saws) screened ME along with his cloak so I may watch the spear-play over his shoulder. He stayed there for my sake until I had seen enough. thus listen to young girl’s want for amusement.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Should create himself engaging in her

He doesn't respond and become angry for a trivial reason [many ignorant husbands do, making chaos if their wives supply them food that they don’t like, or if their meal is late, or the other reason that typically causes associate degree needless quantity of anger, arguments, and hassle between spouses].
  • He contains a deep and compassionate understanding of his wife’s nature and psychological science.
  • He directs his partner toward the straight path of Islam
  • He acknowledges what she likes, what she wishes, her moods, and tries to reconcile between them and therefore the ideal life and behavior he desires for her.
  • He understands his partner and respects her feelings
  • He doesn't criticize her family or any of her relations to her. (She shouldn’t try this similarly, of course)
  • He doesn't disclose any secrets that she entrusted him with.
  • He helps her compose for her failings and weaknesses. for instance, if she is lacking in information or manners, he ought to facilitate her in an exceedingly kind, gentle, and positive manner.
  • He avoids harsh criticism [especially ahead of people]. A verity Muslim is the most sensitive and respectful towards the sentiments of others.
  • He is aware of a way to strike a balance between pleasing his partner and treating his mother with due kindness and respect. He tries to not offend either one among them. he's not disobedient towards his mother or oppressive towards his partner. He acknowledges his mother’s rights and treats her within the best approach, whereas conjointly recognizing his wife’s rights.
  • He wholly understands his role as a defender and supporter of girls [Qawwam]
With a decent angle and delicate treatment, the Muslim husband wins the center of his partner so she doesn't refuse him in something
“Men are the protectors and maintainers {qawwamun] of girls, as a result of Allah has given them extra [strength] than the opposite, and since they support them from their means that.” [Quran, Al-Nisa 4:34]

The Prophet said:

“Each of you could be a shepherd, and every one of you is to blame for those underneath his care. A ruler could be a shepherd; a person is that the shepherd of his family; a lady is that the shepherd of her husband’s house and kids. for every one of you could be a shepherd and every one of you is to blame for those underneath his care.” [Agreed upon]
Concluding, the perfect Muslim husband contains a sturdy and likable temperament, a noble angle, tolerance and forgiveness for minor mistakes, sturdy adherence to the laws of Allah and determination to use them to his family, generosity while not being extravagant, and a transparent understanding of a perfect Muslim home.

The Husband’s obligations; Women’s rights

  • He is commanded to be kind to his partner
  • He is commanded to comfort his partner
  • He ought to consort along with his partner in associate degree evenhanded and type manner
He is to blame for the total maintenance of the partner, in an exceedingly cheerful manner. Lodging, clothing, sustenance, general care, and well being, privacy, comfort, and independence, she has the proper to be cared by her husband in accordance to her type of life [to the most effective of his ability of course]
  • He ought to acknowledge that the wife’s material rights aren't her sole securities. She has rights of ethical nature.
  • A husband is commanded to treat his partner with equity, to respect her feelings, and to indicate kindness and thought.
  • If he has no sympathy for love or for her. She has the proper to demand freedom from the matrimonial bond, and nobody could change her approach.
“Live together with your wives in an exceedingly smart manner. If you dislike them in any manner, it's going to be that you simply dislike one thing within which Allah has placed a lot of smart for you.” (Surah four – domestic 19)

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