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Finding Solace in wedding - Islamic Girls Guide

Finding Solace in wedding

Finding Solace in wedding - Islamic Girls Guide
Finding-Solace-in-wedding - Islamic Girls Guide

A new wedding service for reverts may well be the solution to the epidemic of matrimonial issues that converts to Islam appear to face. Speak to any revert sister, therefore, me|for a few} time and you'll little question find yourself asking whether or not she is married and if so, wherever her husband comes from. If she isn't married, you will end up suggesting: “I understand an honest brother United Nations agency is trying to find a wife”. for a few reasons it looks that revert sisters are simple prey for a fast wedding match. There aren't any cultural family details to envision to, no want for an oversized mahr, no real want for a Wali as a result of in spite of everything, the brother is going to be doing her an enormous favor; the wedding is 0.5 her deen in spite of everything. inside a brief area of your time, the sister is often happily married!

Imagine four years down the road and you happen to satisfy that very same sister within the house of God with 2 young toddlers mounting everywhere her, wanting to be worn down and tearful. She tells you that the active brother clothed to be dominant and verbally abusive, continually golf stroke her down and comparison her to girls of his own culture. As for her in-laws, they ne'er accepted her and her kids, and also the ties of Muslim family kinship she had dreamt of were non-existent. Her family was bitterly unsuccessful in her, and also the relationship between them and their new in-law was continually uncomfortable. As things went spiraling downhill, she had obscurity to show. Having lost her identity, her self-worth, and self-worth, she was currently stuck in an exceedingly wedding that she would ne'er have chosen had she been given time to consider carefully regarding Muslim wedding.

Sadly this can be not Associate in the Nursing uncommon state of affairs and Solace, a charity supporting revert sisters in issue, finds that an oversized proportion of their work involves serious matrimonial problems. it's conjointly not unknown for Solace to receive calls from a well which means brothers, giving to support a revert sister by marrying her. they need no plan of the complexities of her state of affairs, whether or not it's issues she has brought into Islam from a troublesome background, or stresses she has skilled when reverting, however, they see weddings because of the excellent resolution to any or all her difficulties.

“Solace in Marriage” could be a new comprehensive wedding service established by Solace. it'll provide four essential services to revert sisters, and conjointly to those desire to marry them, so as to safeguard, support, and nurture their futures, inshaAllah.

1) Pre-Marriage

Pre-marriage courses for revert sisters
Pre-marriage courses for men desire to marry a revert sister
Wali Panel consisting of a panel of mature Muslim men and girls that act as a ‘surrogate Muslim father’ for revert sisters – vetting the potential husband

2) Seeking a wedding

Upon no-hit completion of the pre-marriage course, men and reverts will explore for a partner via our rigorously designed Solace married info
A nikah service with special provision for educating non-Muslim relations and making certain they're snug with the Muslim wedding method

3) In the wedding

The first year of wedding support packages for revert sisters
Marriage guidance
Couple retreats

4) when the wedding                                                                                   

Support for unmarried  revert sisters
Provisions for single mothers and their kids
Remarriage steering and support

The Solace wedding service is going to be a brand new approach forward for sisters and brothers to enter, or go in, into a wedding that is formed by steering and support from the terribly begin. it'll embrace the total family, making certain that non-Muslim relations are helped to know and be a region of their daughter’s future. it'll aim to strengthen and develop the new relatives, hinge upon the foundations of Islam. And for those sisters for whom re-marriage isn't however written by Supreme Being, it'll provide them the boldness and strength to make their lives and people of their kids.

Case Study 1: 

Santa* was a brand new revert with a soft nature. once she was approached by a sister when the prayers in the future, a language her brother required a married person, Santa thought it might be sensible to own a practicing brother as her guide and support. but her oldsters didn’t even understand she had reverted, however, as she didn’t, however, feel assured to inform them. thus once she explained she was progressing to marry a Muslim, they were appalled and upset and refused to return to the marriage. Santa hadn’t however created any Muslim friends thus on her day she was taken to {the ladies|the girls} section of a house of God wherever some unknown women were gathered. She had no plan of what was happening and wherever her future husband was. when 0.5 Associate in a Nursing hour her in-law declared that she was currently married which they were going away. Santa was left feeling confused and upset. albeit her wedding puzzled out, she still appearance back to her wedding with unhappiness and regret that her family wasn’t concerned which it hadn’t been a joyful occasion for her.

Case Study 2: 

Latifa* had been trying to find a husband for a few times however as one mother of 3 sons it had been proving troublesome. She eventually met a brother online United Nations agency plumbed understanding of her state of affairs. Her non-Muslim family marginal and sisters warned her of the risks of online services. She did attend her native house of God to raise the Islamist if he may well be her Wali however he apologized and aforesaid he was too busy. By this point, she was planning to understand the brother higher and felt it might be fine to travel ahead. They met doubly Associate in Nursing he appeared keen to marry quickly and knew an admirer United Nations agency was an Islamist. With 2 alternative friends as witnesses, the wedding went ahead. but solely 3 weeks when they wed, he suddenly set the wedding wasn’t operating for him and left her that weekend with nothing, however, a text message…Talaq, Talaq, Talaq.

* The case studies during this article are typical of the sort of things sisters United Nations agency come back to Solace for support notice themselves in. However, names and circumstances are altered for confidentiality reasons.

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