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A Day within the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - Islamic Girls Guide

A Day within the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

A Day within the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Islamic Girls Guide
A-Day-within-the-lifetime-of-Prophet-Muhammad (PBUH) - Islamic Girls Guide

Assalam Alaykum Brother and Sisters,

Well, this article is truly a rebuttal of the few claims done against our beloved prophet (Peace be upon him). The haters of Islam claimed Muhammad s.a.w braked the Laws of ten commandments given to Moses. They tried to point out that compounding full lies and hypocrisy.

When We area unit asked to understand concerning your standard of living, How you pay your days…We show once a person wake, when he eats, whom he facilitates, what work he does. etc etc. not concerning the day once you had a fight with somebody. not concerning the day once you didn't do one thing.because those things aren't a part of our standard of living. Well, I know okay, they understand Whats which means of the standard of living, but to abuse the Prophet of Islam they deliberately shared few events throughout wartime.

these screenshots show there claims and you'll be able to see he's explaining a few days throughout the war and therein all there claims area unit compounding with lies...

Kindly note that every one the lies listed in on top of the screenshot, We will publish it presently, I have in my simply have patience. this article is simply to show how the prophet [pbuh] lived every day.

How very Muhammad s.a.w lived every day

Describing a brief slice of the mean solar day, or a day, within the lifetime of someone United Nations agency lived a traditional life would be seriously inadequate for about to understand that person. for nearly no day is lived a similar as another.

Moreover, if that person is an Associate in Nursing exceptional person like our Prophet, the task becomes even harder. In spite of this problem, by dividing every day into sure periods, I attempted to require into thought tasks that area unit typically did inside that point amount, although not a similar day, within the lightweight of sound references.

Due to days throughout the Age of Happiness and instantly later periods passing around a house of God and being targeted on prayer, I divided the day into the number of prayer times that is 5. as a result of nighttime had a special significance for our Prophet and people following his path, I conjointly extra that as a definite amount of your time.


Daily life in the world begins in the morning before sunrise. From the formation of condensation to the gap of blossoms, from the singing of birds to the light processing of the wind, all creatures sit along at a circle of dhikr in their own distinctive language before the sun rises. Man conjointly consciously participates in this circle of dhikr and begins his day with totally different dhikr and activities, salah especially.

Muhammad (PBUH) conjointly started the day with a salad. However, once the morning adhan was referred to as by Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum,1 one in all the Companions, our Prophet would create the Sunna prayer in his area so move to the house of God to guide the fard salah. With the exception of these United Nations agency had a heavy excuse for not returning to the house of God, all Muslims in Medina tried to wish each fard salah behind the Prophet.

Every day once salah he would initial create tesbihat (litanies of praise) and recite scripture applicable thereto time till the sun reached a definite height. Then the Prophet would flip his face towards the Companions, sit cross-legged, and speak with the Companions. several problems associated with human wants were mentioned throughout these talks from daily topics to historical memoirs, from the interpretation of dreams to service to the religion, and from queries and answers to solutions for people’s issues. In alternative words, instantly once the circle of worship, there was a circle of information and culture.2  What this a minimum of one hour of “Prophet Talk’ gained for its listeners every day throughout the foremost productive time of the day might solely be understood by those that lived it. the prevalence of the Companions ought to be sought-after here.

If he had no alternative place to travel once playacting the morn salah, the Prophet would come home and raise if there was something to eat there. If there was, he would have breakfast; otherwise, he would say, “then I’m fasting”3 and he would quick for the day. once there was one thing to eat, it typically was milk, dates, many slices of dry barley bread, etc. He would eat no matter what he found at home; he failed to create distinctions among the food.

Unlike nowadays, the Prophet’s feeding a meal wasn't central to his life: standard of living wasn't formed by mealtimes, not abundant time was spent on feeding, it absolutely was not a retardant once there was no food, elaborate dinner tables weren't set out, types of food weren't perpetually mentioned throughout voice communication, kilometers of road weren't traveled to urge higher food, yearly food wants didn't keep, tables weren't set, etc. beneath these circumstances, contrary to nowadays, longer and cash was offered for alternative vital things.

Prophet Muhammad would rest for a minute before twelve noon. There was sleeping and resting throughout the day added to the night attributable to not resting enough due tonight worship and similar activities, an absence of concentration attributable to serious work and stress, and therefore the body feeling tired attributable to a hot climate. this can be referred to as kayle in Muslim literature. it's attainable to decision this a twelve-noon nap or more nap.


Noon may be a time once the day reaches perfection and tends towards decline; daily tasks area unit delivered to a definite level; a necessity is felt to depart work aside and rest a little, and therefore the spirit wants a recess from the heedlessness and weariness led to by this transient world’s passing and serious work. The human spirit feels an excellent excitement and wants to perform the twelve-noon prayer so as to flee from the constricting atmosphere; to ascend to the presence of our Lord on High and, folding our hands, to point out feeling and praise for blessings and to provoke help; and to place forth helplessness and bow before grandness and grandeur –especially if this salah would be performed behind the Prophet…

Yes, the Prophet would lead the twelve-noon prayer within the middle of the day for the Companions United Nations agency ran to the house of God with ardent need. If that day was Friday, then salah was gotten prepared for in a completely totally different approach -in Associate in Nursing avid, vacation spirit. Nails would be cut, a shower is taken, a new article of clothing placed on, fragrances rubbed on, the house of God would be attended ahead of usual, the Prophet’s sermon would be listened to so salah would be performed. especially, girls and kids would attend this prayer over the opposite prayers.

A twelve-noon meal isn't mentioned frequently in reference sources. The amounts to be acquired fitr charity or some acts of atonement area unit calculated in step with 2 meals every day, which shows that there's no third meal additionally to the morning and evening meals. Thus, it's higher understood however straightforward it's too quick for somebody United Nations agency to fare his morning breakfast at the time of suhoor. Actually, sufficing with 2 meals nowadays may be a Sunna (the practice of Prophet Muhammad) to not solely be counseled, however, practiced therein it gains time, balances budgets, and is healthier. Of course, polygenic disease cases, etc. area unit exceptions.

Occasionally, Prophet Muhammad would visit the Companions, undertake daily tasks, see to problems with interest to the general public as ruler, dictate discovered verses to scribes of revelation, inform the individuals of pressing commands by means that of proclamation and attend to guests. as an example, once the eighth year of the migration, there was serious visiting by ambassadors. a part of the day passed in meeting and hosting them, respondent their queries and requests, and seeing them off.


The afternoon may be a time once daily work begins to wind down and once the fruit of health, peace, and sensible works that materialized throughout the day is gathered.

With a symptom from the Quran,4  our Prophet would give this prayer a definite value and Bilal would call the community to prayer along with his moving voice. Because the afternoon prayer is known as one of the times of changing of the guard of the night and day angels who have the duty of protecting believers, the lesbian once the prayer would be created longer. In fact, this subject is expounded in one hadith as follows: “One cluster of angels is beside the US throughout the night and one cluster throughout the day. they are available along at the days of morning and afternoon prayers to vary guard. though our Lord is aware of best the state of his servants United Nations agency have prayed, still, He asks the angels, ‘How did you allow my servants?’ they assert, ‘We left them praying and that we were next to them after they prayed.'” 5

There was a custom the Prophet typically kept: He would visit his wives once each afternoon prayer and raise however they were and what their wants were. In these customary visits his wives would supply the Prophet no matter they'd with them.6


Evening reminds the US that even as several creatures die at the top of the summer season, each man can die someday, and therefore the world is destroyed at the start of Doomsday. At such an instant the human spirit ardently wishes to square within the presence of the One United Nations agency is doing these vital things; and voice communication, “God is nice,” to depart everything transient aside and praise Him; to declare His glory, and to shout His greatness all over again. With this need, the Prophet typically began to attend for the prayer before the sunset, and as presently because the adhan was recited, he would instantly stand before Supreme Being. once the fard salah, he would pray 2-6 rakahs of the Awwabin salah and he counseled this.7

After the prayer, the Prophet would gather his family along within the home of whichever partner he was attending to pay the night with, and he would begin a family speaks. The Prophet’s family home became Associate in Nursing setting wherever activities concerning information ne'er ceased each once he was alive and subsequently. For once the Prophet’s death his wives continuing these activities, gap them to a broader circle. The Prophet’s family life contends an enormous role within the communication and teaching of some special rules associated with girls furthermore as several general rules of the Muslim faith. especially, these “evening talks” can't be beneath calculable. Functioning similar to a college, these evening talks were a cradle for the event of the many unparalleled students, with Aisha heading the list. Of course, not solely topics concerning information were mentioned. Serious tenderness developed among members of the family United Nations agency had totally different environments, cultures, and characters; they grew to understand each other better; they strove to decrease the sweet weight of the duties of prophethood along with the Prophet; from time to time they joked among themselves… briefly, the atmosphere required for a contented family was being established.


At the night prayer all over is enclosed in darkness; things seen in daylight become buried in non-existence; it's as if the products happiness to someone United Nations agency has died conjointly die and the area unit forgot. it's like a sign that the worldly life that is given as an endeavor has wholly finished. The greatness of the All-Mighty is shown all over again to man United Nations agency is usually buried behind a curtain of familiarity. For Supreme Being simply turns, writes, erases, and changes day and night, summer and winter, this world and therefore the next, like pages of a book. Helpless, weak, indigent, and seeing the long run as dark, the man makes the night prayer at this time; he turns to, leans on, and takes refuge in Supreme Being, a real friend whose power is all-comprehensive. the planet that forgets him and is buried darkly is forgotten by him and he spills his troubles to the fireside of mercy. Also, before falling to sleep that resembles death, simply just in case, he desires to perform his last worship and shut his daily accounts in a very lovely approach.

The Prophet would lead his Companions within the night prayer and, if there was no alternative vital scenario, he would retire to rest while not talking to anyone. Before he slept, he would pray. As is though, prayer had an awfully vital place in his life. For within the words of the al-Qur' prayer is that the life of mankind’s worth.

Aisha relates the prayer and observes of the Prophet before he visited sleep:

“Every night once the Prophet visited bed, he would be a part of each hand, blow onto them, and recite Ihlas, Falak, and Nas surahs; then he would bite each a part of his body that he might reach, starting along with his head, and he would repeat this thrice.” eight, after all, there area unit alternative recommendations and practices to be found on this subject. as an example, Ali connected this: “The Prophet created this suggestion to ME and Fatima: once you get into bed, repeat thirty-three ‘Allahu Akbar,’ thirty-three ‘Subhanallah,’ thirty-three alhamdulillah (34 in one report).” once Ali same that he ne'er abandoned that observe at the moment day, somebody asked, “Not even at the battle of Siffin?” and he replied, “Yes, not even that day…”9

Late night

Late nighttime reminds someone of winter, the grave, and bark (the intermediate state of existence between life and death), and the way dependent his soul is on the mercy of Supreme Being. Consequently, the tahajud prayer to be created at night is an essential supply of sunshine to illuminate our approach within the night of the grave and therefore the darkness of bark

The last portion of the Prophet Muhammad’s day, nighttime, was passed with an excellent deal of worship. the departure of the small print to alternative works, I'd prefer to narrate one observation of Aisha: “Our Prophet would pray in the dead of the night until his feet were swollen. once it absolutely was the same, ‘Hey, the courier of Supreme Being! Allah has forgiven your past and future sins. Why does one force yourself to worship such a lot in spite of this?’ he would answer, ‘Should I not be a grateful servant for this blessing of Allah?'" ten

Prophet Muhammad would rest a minute once the tahajud prayer and acquire up for the morning-prayer at the decision of the announcer. Bilal would decision the adhan before imsak, therefore waking individuals for each suhoor and tahajud. Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum would create the decision to prayer once imsak began, indicating that the time for morning-prayer had begun.
As a result

Prophet Muhammad’s standard of living is often taken into thought in terribly totally different aspects. However, notwithstanding however it's obsessed, practices, arrangements, and words that may enlighten all of the worlds in each approach are met. At a time once the standard of living has become a nightmare, however lucky area unit those that examine the Prophet’s standard of living and take lessons from it.

His House, Bed, and Food :

 His house was, however, a hut with walls of unbaked clay and a thatch of palm leaves lined by the artiodactyl skin. He had separate flats for his wives, a tiny low area for every fabricated from similar materials. His own living accommodations contained a rope cot (1*), a pillow full of palm leaves, the skin of some animal unfold on the ground, and a water-bag of animal skin and a few weapons. These were all his mundane belongings, besides an artiodactyl, a horse, and a few lands that he had acquired within the later a part of his life. (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud).

Once a number of his disciples, noticing the imprint of his pad on his body, wanted to administer him a softer bed, however, he is a well-mannered way declined the supply voice communication, “What have I to try and do with worldly things. My reference to the planet is like that of a human resting for a minute beneath the shade of a tree so moving on.” Amr Ibn Al-Harith, an in-law of the Prophet MHMD, says that once the Prophet died, he failed to leave a cent, a slave man or lady, or any property except his white mule, his weapons, and a chunk of land that he had dedicated for the great of the community. (Sahih Bukhari).

His partner Ayesha (Radi Allahu `Anha) says that there were a few days in his life once he had 2 sq. meals. (Sahih Muslim,, Vol.2, pg 198).

What he left once his death :

When he died there was nothing in his house except many seeds of barley left from a mound of the grain obtained from a human by pawning his armor. (Bukhari, Sahih Bukhari, Chapter “Aljihad”).

He had declared unlawful for himself and his family something given by the individuals by the approach of charity or sadaqa (types of charity). He was therefore explicit concerning this that he wouldn't appoint any member of his family as a charity collector. (Saha-Kitab Sadaqat).

This abundance is enough to point out the reality concerning Prophet[pbuh] and it conjointly shows, however, those Christians and every one Islam haters tricks to abuse our prophet[pbuh].

I hope you'll notice it useful…May Supreme Being create this convenient for everybody, Ameen

                                                     INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                AND INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                                        JazakAllah Khair for reading this Article,
                                                         May Allah forgive me if I'm wrong at any place, Ameen

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