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The Problem with organized wedding | Islamic Girls Guide

The Problem with organized wedding


Yes, you browse the title of this post right. affirmative there's a haul with the organized wedding, a giant downside. and therefore the downside starts with you. Many America out there that don’t date before the wedding area unit content to attend for Supreme Being to seek out us our life partner. we elect to not date or interact in intimate relations before the wedding, as a result of we tend to believe that the sole relationship between a person and a girl may be that of a husband and a married woman. so we’re content to attend.

But whereas we’re looking ahead to our folks, family, or friends to seek out the USA this ideal mate, we start a dream. whereas we tend to wait, we start to concoct a fantasy during which we tend to area unit the aristocrat and our husband is that the blue blood. whereas we tend to wait, we start to create up our future husband to epic proportions. He can seem like a mixture of David Beckham and monarch Rukh Khan. He attended to be into sports however conjointly going to the theatre with the USA. He is a wealthy person and can spoil the USA. He is everything we’ve ever unreal and additional.

I speak from expertise once I say it’s very easy to try and do this. we tend to don’t mean to, however as we tend to await our sole male, we start to possess fantastic expectations of our future married person most in order that once we meet potential suitors, we tend to aren't glad. clearly, they don’t seem like a mixture of your favorite celebrity crushes and nor area unit they a wealthy person. they may have a number of the qualities you unreal of, and that they may need some qualities that you simply didn’t dream of.

Many America gets thus trapped during this ‘dream guy’ that we tend to let several potential suitors walk by us, as a result of we tend to area unit thus fixated on finding that guy that we've been dreaming regarding and considering for years. however, I even have news for you: he doesn’t exist.

The qualities or attributes that you’re craving for, a number of them area unit superfluous. cash can come back and go, so will appear. however the strength of someone’s character and their religion in God area unit things that last a period. thus prioritize. What area unit the characteristics or attributes that area unit vital to you? Is praying five times each day necessary for you? Is somebody who is family-oriented necessary for you? Is somebody who is forgiving important to you?

Focus on the items that matter most to you and ditch the items that don’t matter. Supreme Being has created a match specifically for you, and he may do all the items that rag you, however, he's the one that Supreme Being has destined for you. And you may find yourself along despite what. thus have patience.

And whereas you're looking ahead to your ‘dream guy’, take a glance at yourself. area unit you someone’s plan of a dream girl? that means, does one possess all the qualities and attributes that you simply area unit checking out in a very life partner? If not, work on yourself. Not for the sake of somebody else, except for yourself. Be the simplest person you'll be. Marriage is not any fairytale. it's a relationship that needs work, love, and patience. it's 0.5 our deen, however not all of it. thus don’t focus all of your energies thereon and on your plan of what your ideal husband is.

So pray, make dua, and have patience. might Supreme Being reward offer USA the simplest in this world and therefore the next, Inshallah.
                                                                                INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                                     AND INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
JazakAllah Khair for reading this Article,
May Allah forgive me if I'm wrong at any place, Ameen

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