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Muslim woman Problems: Environments with Alcohol | Islamic Girls Guide

Muslim woman Problems: Environments with Alcohol

Muslim woman Problems: Environments with Alcohol | Islamic Girls Guide

Living in the West, it’s virtually secured that you just can at some purpose be in environments with alcohol. whether or not it’s at a building, at a work/school event, or generally simply even in an exceedingly public forum.

If you’ve ne'er been in an exceedingly setting with alcohol at shut quarters, your 1st encounter with it would leave you feeling unsure or weird. otherwise, you simply would possibly begin at random telling random strangers that this can be an awfully weird surrounding for you, which could leave you sounding sort of a bungling fool. While you'll not be ready to altogether escape environments with alcohol, there are belongings you will do to undertake your best.

My 1st piece of recommendation would be to avoid those environments wherever you recognize surely that alcohol is served. for instance, if you've got non-Muslim friends United Nations agency to invite you to a celebration wherever you recognize folks are drinking, don’t go. Don’t create any excuses, however, simply tell them the reality. If they’re your true friends, they ought to perceive.
I have typically had my non-Muslim friends assure me that they won’t pressure me into drinking, that it’s simply a part of the background, so as to form ME come back to the gin mill or to a happening. however, what they didn’t perceive was that it’s not regarding the drinking; it’s the surroundings with alcohol. For those people United Nations agency has terribly restricted expertise with it, it is often quite a jarring expertise and one that you just might not feel altogether comfy in.

Many young Muslims nowadays have their 1st expertise with environments with alcohol in college/university. whether or not you reside on field or off, you’re guaranteed to run into it somewhere, and particularly with all the pressures that come back from being at school, you may be roped into aiming to associate degree place wherever their folks are drinking. however, attempt to avoid it at the best. Tell the reality regarding why you can’t, however, if that’s too laborious, then compose an associate degree excuse.

So at this time, you may be thinking, why ought to I be from environments with alcohol once I apprehend that I even have no intention of drinking it?

Good question.

While you've got no intention of drinking, you don’t apprehend if you may feel tempted once you’re there. Living within the twenty-first century, there are such a big amount of social pressures that kids nowadays desire they need to measure up to (some of which might be found in college/uni), and you've got no plan whether or not you'll fall prey to them in an exceedingly setting wherever everybody else is drinking and appear to be having a decent time. thus why trouble putt yourself in temptation’s way?

Obviously, there are times after you won’t be ready to avoid it. for instance, at weddings or formal work events or conferences. As uncomfortable as you're feeling, you won’t be ready to escape it. otherwise, you would possibly assume you’re attending a gathering, however, there can be alcohol being served.

Don’t panic. simply be calm. Ignore it. It won’t bite you. Don’t point out to that and simply target the explanation of why you’re there. it would be weird for you, however, it’s not weird for the folks that are drinking it. thus be and allow them to be.

Whatever you are doing, don’t begin telling everybody however weird it's for. I got through it then can you.
For some of you, addressing environments with alcohol might not be a giant deal. For others, it's going to be one thing altogether foreign and shuddery. however no matter your comfort level, simply keep a transparent head.

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