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Interacting with the other Gender | Islamic Girls Guide

Interacting with the other Gender

Muslim lady Problems: Interacting with the other Gender | Islamic Girls Guide

For some of you, interacting with the other gender might not be a haul. for a few of you, it would be an enormous problem! Living in the West wherever men and girls should move and communicate may be a little difficult, particularly once navigating social norms like hand-shaking and going dead set drink.

My personal expertise with this downside comes from my years in class, wherever I struggled plenty with my interactions with guys. Growing up, my mommy told the American state to not visit boys and that I took this recommendation terribly virtually. I realized that she didn’t truly mean what she aforesaid after I was paired up with a bloke in grade seven on a French assignment and came home crying, thinking I used to be about to Hell for breaking this essential rule. fulfill it to mention that I don’t suppose this fashion anymore!

Some folks say that having male friends and hanging out is ok, as long as you’re not too shut or intimate. Some folks say that once living in the West, ladies, and guys ought to head to colleges wherever ladies and guys are separated. you wish to work out what works best for you and what you’re most snug with.

But my biggest piece of recommendation is: keep your distance.

Islamically, it's counseled for men and girls to keep up their distance once interacting with the other gender. do this to the most effective of your ability. Going to college or operating within the West, there'll beyond question be times once you are going to be paired up or sorted with the other gender. typically you won’t have AN choice. so the most effective issue you'll do is concentrate on the assignment or project at hand, and keep your distance in your interactions while not being too friendly.

School or work is typically the best half. It’s once you move out of that context and into the social setting that things will typically become difficult. In social events, the lines between the skilled and therefore the person may be blurred, and it will become even more durable to stay your distance.
Obviously, there'll be times once you’ll need to participate in mixed cluster social events. however, recognize your limits.

But we tend to don’t simply move the head to head. we tend to conjointly speak on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, BBM, Google chat, and on 1,000,000 alternative platforms! I’m not about to tell you to not provides a guy your variety or your Twitter name or no matter, as a result of typically it’s ineluctable. however, like everything else, keep it clean and polite and respectful. simply because your mommy can’t see you doesn’t mean God can’t.

During my university days, I took the keep your distance recommendation quite virtually and didn’t extremely move with the other gender abundant. I was shy, however that manifested itself in not speech guys the least bit and ignoring them. I used to be thought to be rude and offish. And so there’s a caveat: be polite, however, don’t be rude. Say salam and come to the salam of any Muslim brothers you encounter. Be friendly and respectful to any or all, since your manners represent your character. There’s no reason why you can’t work fruitfully during a skilled capability aboard men.

Everyone is completely different and everybody interprets things otherwise. thus your plan of maintaining distance maybe somebody else’s plan of being too friendly, and contrariwise. thus recognize yourself and recognize your limits. invariably bear in mind that Supreme Being is observation.

It’s a tough road to navigate however you wish to work out what works best for you. Remember, solely Supreme Being has the proper to gauge. I hope you found this somewhat helpful.

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