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Talking to your youngsters concerning sex offense | Islamic Girls Guide

Talking to your youngsters concerning sex offense

Talking to your youngsters concerning sex offense | Islamic Girls Guide

In Bangladesh, one out of every four girls is sexually abused And one out of every six boys is a victim of sexual abuse Not only men but also children are sometimes sexually harassed by women

Unintentional sexual behavior imposed on one person by another is called sexual abuse. When forced directly or for a short period of time, it is called sexual assault. The perpetrator is called a sexual abuser or harasser. If an adult or a young person inspires a child to engage in sexual activity, it is also called sexual abuse. Indulging in sex with a child or minor is called child sexual abuse or rape under a special law.

Children are easy prey for perverted people They can be easily deceived with the opportunity of simplicity Many times children do not understand, do not recognize the vampire's paw And even if you understand, you can't protest, resist There is only one discomfort left in the whole life

Eighty-five percent of all sexual harassment occurs through family members, friends, or relatives And boys are also being sexually harassed One out of every six boys is a victim of sexual harassment Among girls, it is one in four.

Men are the main perpetrators of sexual harassment, but women are also being accused These incidents of sexual harassment occur at home, at the home of relatives or family friends, at school, on the way to school, in familiar environments. There are very few instances of sexual harassment of children without acquaintances.

Apart from rape, sexual harassment of children includes sexual assaults, rape, touching and touching the genitals with malicious intent.

Know the following points so that you can easily explain to your youngsters concerning sex offense:

1) You can tell your child which touch is good and which is bad. Try to build an open relationship with your kids. So that they can tell you everything. Teach them if someone tells you to come with me, I will let you eat, your mother said. You will never go.

2) It is difficult to talk about the subject, in the head of a child, the concept of sexual abuse is missing. It is very difficult to explain the subject to a small child. And we do not have the training. Mothers or guardians are seen as being trained outside the country. There are many awareness messages. Try to explain to your children the difference between a good caress and a bad caress.

3) It is very difficult for fathers to teach children about this because fathers are not made that way in the society of Bangladesh. The type of intimacy with the child is different.
The way a mother can mix with children, a father cannot. The children have a little distance from the father. Fathers spend most of their time outside the office. So you can't give that much time. And it is more difficult for single parents than single mothers.

4) A child needs to be informed about three places on his body. Her lips, genitals, and anus. Let him know these three are his special places. No one else can touch here except when the parents are bathing or cleaning. Let him know what he will do if someone does it. You have to teach it to the parents. The children will be aware of this.

5) The thing is to do little play tricks, draw pictures, or tell the idea slowly in his head. In the case of older children can be said orally. But children forget everything. There is less doubt in them, so they need to be reminded.

6) The child's behavior changes should be noticed. Many things can be understood from the behavior of the child. If he is afraid of seeing someone, does not want to go to someone's lap, he should not be forced. If the child who has stopped wetting the bed suddenly does it again. If he is startled by fear or has nightmares, the change must be noticed.

7) The child needs to be listened to and trusted. There is a tendency in Bangladesh not to listen to children. If children ever say something about this, they have to take it seriously, parents have to believe. Because no matter how many stories the children makeup, they are not supposed to have the ability to make up stories about it.

8) Many parents do not want to believe, do not want to believe. Many times he says you are making it up. When this happens, the children lose their place of speaking. This gives the oppressor more opportunities.

9) Parents should keep an eye on who you are giving your child to. This is because in most cases, sexual abuse is more likely to be perpetrated by family members, relatives, neighbors, or close ones.

10) But you also have to think about whether you will suddenly start suspecting your family members or relatives when you try to make children aware. Many times everyone is silent about these for fear of ruining the social relationship. But the whole family has to sit down and talk about these things that our children are not safe for anyone.

11) Why do you think your brother or father needs to suspect you. No need. But if this discussion takes place at the dinner table in the family, then everyone is aware of this issue.
                                                       INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                  AND INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
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