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Muslim lady Problems: Shaking Hands with Men | Islamic Girls Guide

Muslim lady Problems: Shaking Hands with Men

Muslim lady Problems: Shaking Hands with Men | Islamic Girls Guide

Many of you reading this weblog have in all probability encountered that awkward social norm of shaking hands with men, particularly if you reside and add the West. It’s a social norm, particularly in Western society, Associate in Nursing is employed as an introduction and even arrivederci. It’s used as an emblem of trust and is employed to gauge individuals, particularly for interviews. As Muslim ladies, it may be terribly tough navigating this social norm, particularly once it’s a gesture that's meant in goodwill. As a Muslim lady growing up within the West, this was (and still is!) one in every of the foremost tough things that I'd encounter that I had no plan a way to take care of.

Before I provide you with some recommendations on a way to handle the case, let ME keep a copy and initial and mention the expectation of men and ladies in Islam. It’s a typically given rule that men and ladies should not move physically with non-mahrams, and this includes shaking hands. Thus, many ladies agree that they'll not extend the hand outward to a male World Health Organization isn't their mahram. however what regarding once somebody extends a gift to you?

Someone World Health Organization answers this question during a bantering however useful manner is Amena on her Youtube channel Anakin. you'll realize the video here.
Humour will solely be used typically tho'. all told things, I'd advocate honesty; simply say, “I”m sorry, however in my religion, I can’t greet with the other gender.” you'll word it but you wish, and in whichever manner you are feeling comfy. It’s easy and simple and honest.

But it’s conjointly quite daring. a number of you (myself included) may need issue language this, particularly as you meet somebody for the primary time. you would possibly be nervous and you would possibly not be able to word it properly, then rather than unskilled with the words, you only make out. You shake the hand that’s extended to you.

I’m planning to be honest here: I make out. and that I feel awful regarding it. In my mind, I do know it’s wrong however once place therein state of affairs, I don’t need to harm the opposite person’s feelings. therefore once my mind starts athletics in those a pair of.5 seconds once a person extends his hand to ME, the sole issue I do is place my gift too during a panic. and that I feel therefore guilty regarding it afterward.

The reason why I’m sharing my personal story with you all is to mention that I relate. I get it. I all perceive the pressures of living in Western society, and eager to please individuals and even be faithful to your own beliefs. It’s hard.
No one is ideal and that we all build mistakes, a number of them repeatedly. therefore let’s try and have the simplest of intentions and try to be the simplest.

I hope you ladies found this handy. And if you've got any suggestions or ideas for this subject, please be happy to comment below. could God guide the U.S. all?

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