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How to enjoy The religious writing | Islamic Girls Guide

How to enjoy The religious writing

Artical Post | How to enjoy The religious writing | Islamic Girls Guide

If you really need to profit from the Qur'an, your heart should be attentive and alert once reciting it or being attentive to it. hear it fastidiously with the presence of mind, being attentive thereto as if God Himself was talking to you directly. perceive that this Qur'an is associate degree address directed to you from God, Most High, upon the tongue of His traveler (SAW).

Allah, Most High, says,

"Truly there's a reminder during this for anyone World Health Organization includes a heart, or World Health Organization listens with attention with the presence of mind."

A deep and lasting impression is dependant upon one thing which will stimulate an individual, a location that will be influenced, his being within the right condition, and removing any barrier that might impede this from happening. This verse mentions all of those within the most compact and lucid of ways; clearly articulating the meant that means.

"Truly there's a reminder in this" refers to the previous verses of this chapter. This, the Qur'an, is that the information.

"for anyone World Health Organization includes a heart" refers to the situation which will be influenced. the center spoken here is that the living heart: the center that's responsive to God. He, Most High, says, "it is solely a reminder and a transparent Qur'an so that you will warn people who square measure really alive," i.e. those whose hearts square measure alive.

"or World Health Organization listens with attention," i.e. directs his school of heading towards it and pays it the utmost attention. this is often the condition that has to exist for an individual to be roused by the words.

"with the presence of mind," i.e. with associate degree alert and gift heart, not one that's unmindful and absent. Ibn Qutaybah aforementioned, "i.e. an individual World Health Organization listens with attention to Allah's Book with the presence of heart and mind, not somebody World Health Organization is unmindful with associate degree absent air." This then alludes to the barrier: associate degree unmindful and inattentive heart that doesn't perceive what's being aforementioned and, as such, is unable to replicate upon it or direct any aware thought towards it.

Therefore, if these things move, the end result is obtained: taking advantage of the Qur'an and taking heed.

If somebody were to ask: if the end-result, the lasting impression, is barely earned by the mix of those matters, why then did God say "or" within the verse, "or World Health Organization listens attentively" which means an alternative between one or another option? sure as shooting "and" ought to are mentioned in its place?

It is aforementioned in reply: this is often an honest question; "or" has been mentioned by taking into thought the state of the recipient.

Some folks have hearts that square measure alive, hearts which will promptly settle for the reality and whose innate nature (fitnah) is intact; if such an individual was to replicate in his terrible heart and switch his mind thereto, he would conclude that the Qur'an is authentic and true. His heart would witness what the Qur'an informs it off and therefore the sequent impression upon it might be light-weight superimposed on high of the sunshine of its innate nature. this is often the outline of these concerning whom it's aforementioned, "those World Health Organization are given data see that what has been sent all the way down to you from your Lord is that the truth."

Concerning them, Allah says, 

"Allah is that the light-weight of the heavens and therefore the earth. The figure of His light-weight is that of a distinct segment during which there's a lamp, the lamp within a glass, the glass sort of a good begin, lit from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of the east nor the west, its oil just about giving off light-weight albeit no fireplace touches it. chance on the light! God guides to His light-weight whoever He wills, God propounds metaphors for the group and God has data of all things."

This verse refers to the sunshine of the innate nature coated by the sunshine of revelation; this is often the condition of the one who includes a living, receiving a heart. we've explained this verse, its subtleties, and lessons intimately in our book, Ijtima` al-Juyush al-Islamiyyah `ala Ghazw al-Mu`attila we'll-Jahmiyyah.

Therefore, the one who has this kind of attentive heart receives the meanings of the Qur'an and promptly accepts them most so that it looks as if the words are inscribed in his heart and he's able to recite them fluidly from memory.

Other people have hearts that fall below the amount of these mentioned above; their hearts aren't as able to receive the reality, they're not fully alive, and their innate nature isn't as refined. Therefore, the change would like a witness World Health Organization would differentiate the reality from falsehood for them. to be target-hunting, such an individual should pay the utmost attention to the Qur'an's words, he should devote his heart thereto, speculate it and comprehend its meanings, and solely when this can he come back to grasp that it's true.

The first form of person sees the reality of what he's invited to and privy of along with his own eyes. The second form of person has learned that it's the reality, has certainty in it, and is glad. the primary has earned the ranking of beneficence, Ihsan and therefore the second has earned the ranking of religion, iman. the primary has earned `ilm al-yaqin from that his heart has ascended to the degree of `Ayn al-yaqin. The second has nonheritable that level of the unwavering belief that takes him out of the fold of disbelief and into the fold of Islam.

Ayn al-Yaqin is of 2 categories:

what's nonheritable during this world and what's nonheritable within the Hereafter. during this world, it's to the center what the beheld is to the attention. All the matters of the unseen that the Messengers privy the U.S. is going to be seen by the attention within the Hereafter and therefore the inner sight during this world; in each case, this is often `Ayn al-yaqin.

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