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How To Become A Good Muslim lady | Islamic Girls Guide

How To Become A Good Muslim lady

How To Become A Good Muslim lady | Islamic Girls Guide
How-To-Become-A-Good-Muslim-lady-Islamic Girls Guide

In Islam, ladies' square measure suggested following rules that from time to time could seem to clash with western standards of fairness and equality. However, one can come back to note that everything Muslim ladies square measure told to try to ultimately edges ladies. If you're a Muslim feminine World Health Organization feels that she has been lacking in her spiritual duties, it's not too late to show that around, despite your age or what you've got done. once a lady turns baligh (mature), she is aware of what has to be wiped out in order to become a more robust girl in the future.


1. Understand that everyone shall be with Allah's can. Allah is inclined to forgive all sins for he's All-Understanding and All-Forgiving. although {you feel|you square measure feeling|you're feeling} that you simply are already too deep to become the nice Muslim that you simply really are often, Allah can facilitate.

2. Discover wherever the influences inflicting you to show your back on your faith comes from. perhaps you'll trace back the cause to either family things or friends that square measure leading you to the incorrect path. Leave the buddies. they'll not be there on the Day of Judgement after you ought to face Allah on your own. If it's as a result of family, it's to a small degree harder. this can be wherever consecutive steps can are available handy.

3. Repent and raise Allah (SWT) for forgiveness for any sins you commit. you wish to give up on past mistakes and work on rising the long run. no matter is going on is completed. it's within the past and there's nothing you'll do to vary it or higher it. the sole factor you'll do is sincerely repent to Allah (SWT) and raise forgiveness and leniency. Use those negative experiences as motivation to induce higher and help.

4. Notice wherever your weaknesses square to measure and avoid them. this can be to not say that you simply ought to run on every occasion a man comes close to, however, learn to lower the gaze and act with unrelated men in an exceedingly means that's formal and business-like. bear in mind that Muslim ladies within the past conjointly interacted with men in their society as business ladies, teachers, and students and that they were all well revered and admired; they failed to ought to flaunt their beauty to realize this respect or to feel assured or perhaps to contribute to their societies. bear in mind that Allah (SWT) is severe in penalization for those who refuse Him, however conjointly the foremost forgiving and also the most merciful for those who try to boost themselves.

Part-2Displaying your Devotion

1. Wear the hijab. If you're really dedicated to turning over a replacement leaf and changing into the simplest Muslim lady that you simply are often, wear the hijab. The hijab isn't simply a chunk of material that covers hair - it covers and protects your whole self, as well as your mannerisms, speech, your gaze, and your heart. It changes you mentally and spiritually by distinctive you as a Muslim. think about it as the simplest way for Allah Azza Wa Jal to safeguard the ladies. As presently as you wear the hijab, your whole perspective on dignity and values can mechanically amendment.

Quran 24:30-31 explains that girls ought to pull their headcovers (humor) over their chests or breasts and over the heads (i.e. drop them over the pinnacle to hide the face sort of a niqaab), and Koran 33:59-60 says that netting can facilitate ladies be recognized as Muslims.
A hadith narrated by the Prophet's woman Aisha says that Allah won't settle for prayer from a lady World Health Organization has reached the time of life unless she wears a hijab.

2. Dress with modesty. this suggests that you simply ought to cowl your whole body. you've got to wear loose garments. Hijab isn't alleged to be trendy. Rather, it's a command from Allah (SWT). Avoid garments that square measure too tight, like skinny jeans. This conjointly helps you to vary your whole outlook on what's acceptable and what's not, however, this doesn't mean you can't wear nice garments. Sober or pastel colors, like black, brown, blue, and inexperienced square measure suggested.

Remember that it's obligatory to hide the total body except for feet and hands, though some students believe it's obligatory to hide those yet (especially within the Hanbali faculty of thought). If you really believe it's obligatory or would like to hunt extra rewards, then create the trouble to hide your face with the niqaab and your hands with gloves, as no hurt will come back from it.

Part-3Practicing Islam

1. Pray 5 times each day. Before you get on the carpet, learn what the prayer words mean to reinforce your contemplation among prayer. If you are doing not speak Arabic, attempt to notice some translated versions of the prayer words and take your time to scan and perceive what the words mean. begin creating the 5 prayers the focal points of your day, the means intake could be a want of ours, our non secular food is prayers.
  • When you have established the five obligatory prayers, cross-check what extra prayers you'll increase your daily schedule of worship.
2. Read the Koran. scan the Koran each day and conjointly attempt to scan the interpretation of the Koran and really attempt to perceive its that means. you'll scan the interpretation in English or your language yet. Reading the Koran can assist you to establish an instantaneous relationship with Allah and can conjointly enable you to know however stunning the faith is. taking note of it (you will notice videos online) conjointly causes you to feel nearer to Allah.

  • Try to learn a number of your favorite verses and incorporate them into your prayers and daily reflections.
3. Learn a lot regarding Islam. understand what acts square measure mandatory (known as 'wajib', like prayer, fast in Ramadhan, seeking Muslim data, etc.) and what you cannot do (known as "haraam", like intake sure foods, gender out of wedlock, dressing without modesty, etc.), and also the reasoning behind it. the web could be a valuable resource to go looking for Muslim laws and conjointly info on the results which will follow if they're broken. ensure to solely use authentic sources of knowledge. Islam could generally appear restrictive and also the punishments severe, however, its divine system could be a gift from Allah (SWT) to safeguard society and to guide the believers to follow His means.

4. Perform dhikr, which implies being aware of Allah. Dhikr of Allah is one amongst the simplest acts to praise Allah. Dhikr has been stressed over 100 times within the Qur'an. Allah says in his Holy book: "O believers, create copious mention of Allah!" (33:41) The Prophet aforementioned, "If your hearts were continuously within the state that they're in throughout dhikr, the angels would come back to visualize you to the purpose that they'd greet you within the middle of the road." Dhikr is, therefore, one thing of tremendous importance.

As well as activity dhikr when prayer and before sleeping, take the chance to praise and glorify Allah once going regarding daily activities like home chores, cooking, traveling, etc.
Think about the means and significance of each word of dhikr that passes across your tongue.

  • Dhikr ends up in inflated awareness of Allah, that is that the key to success during this life and also the next.
5. Allocate a minimum quantity of your time on a daily basis to Muslim activities. as an example, four hours out of twenty-four for salaah, Koran, and Muslim studies can change you to make up your relationship with Allah (SWT) and keep progress towards deed the mandatory data to become a decent Muhammedan. bear in mind that the 5 daily fardh salaah square measure your high priority and you must structure your daily routine around these. enable time for self-reflection, particularly to believe your sins and to hope to Allah for forgiveness.

The study is crucial so as to best perceive however Allah needs to be worshiped.
On its own, although the study is of no use unless the data noninheritable is enforced among our lives - ultimately we are going to be rewarded or disciplined in keeping with our actions, not our data.
Set yourself improvement targets, as an example fast often, reading voluntary prayers, memorizing surahs from the Koran or finishing charity work.
  • Remember that Allah likes consistency in worship, thus attempt to do to a small degree a lot of on a daily basis, however, don't burden yourself with over you'll manage.

Part-4Keeping smart Company

1. Hang out with smart Muslim girlfriends. Aim to form friends World Health Organization share your mission of being a decent Muslim and World Health Organization influence you to try to higher, or friends World Health Organization settle for your faith. attempt to create friends with different Muslims World Health Organization encourage you to apply to Islam. Avoid friends that bring unhealthy influences, that hurt or hurt your feelings or hold you back from your study and worship.

Be cautious of friendships with non-Muslims unless you're feeling they will be receptive to acceptive Islam in the future. attempt to gift Islam to them in an exceedingly smart light-weight through your own example. Avoid, however, friendly relations with them. As in Surah Al-Maeda, don't bind non-Muslims since you'll become like them; your friends square measure Allah, his traveler, and fellow Muslims.
  • Familiarise yourself with Islam's rules on gender interaction and learn the way to in a well-mannered way repel boys World Health Organization attempt to become friendly.
2. Find different feminine role-models. understand that there square measure, several glorious feminine lecturers, World Health Organization square measure addicted to spreading the peaceful message of Islam. attempt to hear their lectures and create it your mission too to inform different ladies regarding however Islam will facilitate them to bring that means and discipline to their lives.
3. Plan to marry a pious man World Health Organization cares for you and treats you with all respect. Marrying is taken into account way in Islam. attempt to rummage around for a spouse equivalent World Health Organization can assist you to develop your faith and can and treat you fairly.

4. Consider attending Muslim teams. Sisterhood is incredibly necessary for Islam and attending sisters' study circles or Qur'an categories square measure a good thanks to learning a lot of regarding Islam and develop a bond with different like ladies. Muslim teams square measure presumably provided at your native house of God.

5. Take it day by day. If you create it a priority in your mind that you simply need to try to be the simplest Muslim lady attainable, you'll reach this goal while not even realizing it! on every occasion, you're near to do one thing, think: "Is this one thing smart which will please Allah?" If it is not, do not do it! merely cue yourself and be able to stop yourself, simply just in case. every single moment of each day should be dedicated to pleasing Allah (SWT) so as to realize an area in Jannah.
Learn to recognize the tricks of Shaytaan, the World Health Organization is consistently attempting to separate you from Allah.
  • Focus your life on obedience and submission to Allah.

                                                       INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                AND INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
JazakAllah Khair for reading this Article,
May Allah forgive me if I'm wrong at any place, Ameen

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