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A Muslim Girl’s Guide For coping with Boys | Islamic Girls Guide

A Muslim Girl’s Guide For coping with Boys

A Muslim Girl’s Guide For coping with Boys | Islamic Girls Guide

Life is jam-packed with crazy obstacles, however, the one that may most likely bug you the foremost and invariably be stepping into the means is that the opposite gender. Here, from one sister to a different, maybe a Muslim girl’s guide for a way to affect guys.

No Touching: Muslims area unit tabu to the touch any non-Mahram (Mahram is your father, brothers, father, husbands, grandfathers, and therefore the siblings of your parents) person of the other gender.

That means no patting on the rear, no handshaking, no pushing, no shoving, no holding hands, and clearly no necking and everyone that. If you’re in an exceedingly tough state of affairs wherever you're thinking that somebody can try and shake your hand, the most effective factor to try and do is simply smile and say, “My individuals don’t shake hands” and so make a case for why. And why, is as a result of we tend to believe a woman’s bit may be a privilege and she or he doesn’t simply share it with anyone.

No Flirting: 

Not even with Muslims, not even in Associate in Nursing Moslem college, particularly not in an exceeding masjid! play means you’re speech or doing things intentionally that build the opposite person drawn to you. There’s no set criterion for what play is, however, any woman is aware of what's and the way to try and do it.

Muslim ladies area unit purported to behave higher than the common girl, United Nations agency needs to be lovely for all the boys around her all the time, United Nations agency area unit at bay behind their appearance and solely decide themselves to be worthy if [*fr1] the boys they apprehend area unit smitten with them. A wise clotheshorse once aforementioned, “Don’t begin the lawnmower unless you plan to chop the grass”.

If you don’t desire a guy’s advances, then don’t do something to earn them. There’s no purpose in throwing yourself everywhere guys and attempting to seduce [*fr1] the globe. you actually solely wish to marry one guy, and you would like to pay the remainder of your life with him, and the likelihood is he isn’t progressing to be some misfit you fluttered your eyelashes at in high school.

No Boyfriends: 

As a Muslim, you recognize that having an adult male is haraam as a result of it counts as Zina – fornication. Fornication, in straightforward English, means that `sexual sin’. God expressly forbids romantic or sexual relationships outside of the wedding. once individuals go against that rule, then you get the everyday western society wherever individuals play sexual merry-go-round with one another, giving one another STDs [sexually transmitted disease], mistreatment and abusing one another, and destroying the holiness of the wedding as an establishment.

You can’t even be a variety of engaged to a man, and so “date” to urge to grasp one another. In Islam, non-Mahram men and girls aren’t allowed to be alone along (that includes talking on the phone!), to the touch (not even shake hands), or maybe watch one another. It doesn’t matter if the guy you wish is Muslim, a good guy, and therefore the blue blood of England, you can’t date him.

No Boyfriends: the simplest thanks to making sure that you don’t find yourself falling smitten with some guy before you’re able to unify is to avoid creating friends with boys. after all at school, you've got to act with boys everywhere the place, however, that doesn’t mean you must be best buds with them. most likely ninetieth of relationships begins with friendships. the likelihood is you’re not prepared for the wedding, your oldsters aren’t able to allow you to unify, you’re still in school/college and your crush isn't the type of fellow you would like to pay the remainder of your life with, thus simply avoid being friends with the other sex within the 1st place. It extremely is that the best formula for saving yourself from unnecessary temptation.

When you ought to discuss with boys at school as teammates, work partners, cluster members, and peers, it’s best to keep up a distance. which means that you just don’t open up to them, you don’t dissatisfy your guard, you don’t unnecessarily have interaction them in unnecessary language, don’t joke around, and ne'er flirt. yea it's going to be somewhat laborious, however, this can be your hereafter we’re talking regarding.

So many nice sisters have placed themselves in extremely sticky things as a result of they allowed a boy to urge to grasp them, and either concluded up feeling the boy, or having the boy like them. Once that happens you either find yourself turning into a combine (which is HARAAM!), or having to finish your relationship.

Instead of material possession, it gets thereto purpose, and so having to kill a relationship that you just most likely worked laboriously on cultivating, you must simply stop it before it begins. Their area unit many nice women all around the United Nations agency maybe your friends and if you actually suppose solely a man can perceive your downside, then discuss with your REAL brother, or your father, or Associate in Nursing uncle.

No Talking on the Phone with Boys:

In Islam its tabu for non-related guys and women to be alone along as a result of there's the possibility for physical Zina, vocal Zina, and Zina of the eyes. That means, with nobody there to look at you guys except that booger shaitaan, then you may be tempted to truly DO one thing, or say gross things, or simply stare at one another all lustily. therewith in mind, it’s conjointly a secure bet to assume that talking on the phone with non-Mahram guys maybe a no-no too. Why? as a result of unless you’ve each got it on speaker-phone and you’re chaperoned by an accountable person, then you’re still quite “alone” with him.

The individuals in your house can’t hear what his speech to you, and his family can’t hear what you’re a speech to him. There’s an opportunity for a few dangerous stuff then, thus simply avoid it. to not mention, having some clotheshorse speech things into your ear that nobody else will hear would be gross in the world, why is it okay for him to speak into your ear via the telephone? For the foremost half, it’s simply too intimate.


Even in the workplace keep a distance with the other sex, discuss solely regarding the work less than that, a lot of significantly keep distance, don't involve yourself in a heap of laughing, etc. once feminine smiles it provides the house for a person to return nearer to people who have an unwellness of dangerous intentions. invariably bar is healthier than cure.

Be rebellious:

What will that mean? Disaffected means that un-affect-able. which means that nothing a clotheshorse will say will hit your nerves, cause you to blush, or get a reaction out of you. It conjointly means you're tired of what they are doing yet. Imagine yourself being in the Associate in Nursing plane wanting down on the scenery below.

You’re somewhat inquisitive about what’s happening down there, and it's going to look very nice, however, you recognize that to urge to the scenery you've got to leap off the plane. just like the scenery miles below you, the guy might look very nice, however, you recognize that to urge him you've got to leap off the plane …errr…commit nonsecular suicide and tho' the autumn is also fun, you may eventually hit the bottom 600 meters below and go -splat– on Judgement Day. perhaps even sooner.

Short of turning into Associate in Nursing ice-princess, being rebellious involves swing up a mental wall between you and every one of male-kind. They don’t apprehend your thoughts and you don’t look after theirs. you'll be able to act with guys at school/college within the bounds of Islam, however, invariably maintain a proper distance.

Don’t raise a man however his infected toe is doing. Don’t offer him a hug once he appearance down. Don’t supply to assist him along with his preparation. Don’t leave your thanks to prompt him that you just exist, which you’re not dangerous wanting. albeit you don’t desire to behave, build yourself behave anyway, your hereafter is very important enough to discipline yourself for.

The safest philosophy once coping with guys is a memory this “He’s not what I need, thus why ought to I do something to create him inquisitive about me? That’ll simply work a painfully awkward state of affairs and it’s not definitely worth the sin anyhow.”

Remember that you’re invariably being watched! Would you act all giggly and stupid with boys if the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) may see you?

No, right? as a result of you’d desire Associate in Nursing ungrateful cretin for irrespective the faith that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) took the most pain for simply to deliver to you. Well, imagine however ungrateful it's to act sort of a supreme cretin once God will see you all the time, and it’s extremely stupid to disregard the faith that God prescribed, the favors He’s given up on you. however dumb is it to require the eyes that God gave you and do things with them that He told you not to? (like gape at boys?) what quantity stupider is it that He will see you doing this, and you recognize it!

You have no secrets! Not as a result of huge Brother (whoever that is…) is looking at you, however as a result of every single factor you ever did can become a property right on the Day of Judgment, and you’ll be dropped at trial to defend what you probably did.

Just don’t do something that you just wouldn’t wish your oldsters, your siblings, your academics, your friends, and therefore the whole world to grasp regarding, ok?

                                                                                     INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                                               AND INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
JazakAllah Khair for reading this Article,
May Allah forgive me if I'm wrong at any place, Ameen

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