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The Muslim Girl’s Guide to Social Media | Islamic Girls Guide

The Muslim Girl’s Guide to Social Media

The Muslim Girl’s Guide to Social Media | Islamic Girls Guide

In today’s age of social media, there’s plenty of things that will get it wrong. a lot of young Muslims nowadays have the mentality that if their folks can’t see what they’re doing on social media, then everything is sweet. however, I’m here to inform you that that’s wrong! simply because your folks don’t understand what you’re posting, tweeting, blogging, hashtagging, etc. doesn’t mean that Allah doesn’t understand. thus look into the ideas within the Muslim Girl’s Guide to Social Media to visualize what a number of the risks are.

Be Nice

This may be terribly obvious and a few of you would possibly even Pine Tree State chuckling at this, however, it's thus necessary. individuals|many of us|many folks} use the net as some way to attack at people on varied platforms, whether or not it’s Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., particularly as a result of they don’t use their real name in their activities online. employing a pretend name doesn't offer you the correct to bully folks or decision them names or abuse them in any form or type. It’s associate recent language, however, it still applies today: if you have got nothing nice to mention, don’t say something the least bit. on-line bullying is thus rife nowadays as a result of folks suppose that they'll say no matter they require on-line as a result of folks can’t see the World Health Organization there. whether or not it’s to somebody you recognize or somebody you’ve ne'er met, be nice.

Quit being the Haram Police

I speak plenty a lot of regarding this in my ten ways in which to prevent Being Haram's post, however, it bears repetition during this one too. It goes hand in hand with the ‘be nice’ tip on top of, however being Muslim doesn't offer you to the correct to travel out and decision folks out. You don’t have the correct to gauge, solely Allah will. thus if you’re involved a few friends or friends, shoot them a non-public message or talk over with them head to head. Don’t shame them on their wall or before their followers. If you can’t share your opinions in an exceedingly mature and wise method, then keep them to yourself.

Keep Your Distance

Many young Muslims nowadays keep their distance with the alternative sex head to head, however, it’s a very totally different story online! Again: simply because your folks don’t see those personal messages or those tweets you send, doesn’t mean Allah doesn’t. bear in mind that Allah is looking at all that you simply see and do online, in what you would possibly suppose could be a terribly personal forum, thus take care to keep up your distance and be respectable. Use social media to speak, however still be conscious of your limits thus you don’t cross them. It is really easy to urge trapped in exceedingly fun voice communication that looks all fun and jokes via Twitter or Instagram, however, you'll be flirt while not knowing it.

Know once to Back Out

Online, everyone’s got an associate opinion and it’s such a lot easier to specify it once you have a special name or image up thus nobody is aware of it’s you. and everybody on the net likes to offer their opinion, whether or not it’s regarding Islam, current events in the media, politics, faith, etc. It’s simple to urge trapped in making an attempt to defend one thing online, however, discussions online will quickly become ugly arguments thus understand once it’s time to back out. withdrawing doesn't mean that you simply area unit assent to the validity of the opposite person’s argument, however generally it’s best to require a step back instead of beginning swearing and turning into aggressive.

Take a clear stage

This can be the toughest factor to try and do, particularly since we’re all thus connected to social media via our computers, smartphones, and tablets. however, attempt to take a clear stage from it! It is simple to become consumed by social media and pay your whole day on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, however, it’s necessary to recollect that social media isn't a replacement forever. It’s simply an associated outlet.

So don’t let it replace your life and don’t live your life merely on social media. place the phone down and place the pc away and take your time to get pleasure from the corporate of individuals around you and also the world around you. It will terribly troublesome to not eat a meal with a bunch of friends and not need to Instagram it or see a stunning scene of nature and not need to tweet regarding it, but try. Our life on this planet is measured infinite moments thus don’t waste those moments on social media.

With all that being aforesaid, the intention of this post isn't to mention that social media is that the root of all evil. Alhamdulillah, social media has done some superb things and has raised awareness of some profound problems. It’s some way that we will keep connected with family and friends from everywhere on the planet. It’s some way we will still invent and reinvent ideas. however there area unit some issues with it, that is why I hope this orientate social media provides you with some simple tips to use in your life.

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