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Know the Muslim Girl’s Guide to Friendship | Islamic Girls Guide

The Muslim Girl’s Guide to Friendship

Know the Muslim Girl’s Guide to Friendship | Islamic Girls Guide

Today’s Muslim Girl’s Guide topic is a friendly relationship. several of you may be thinking that you simply already skills to be an honest friend, however, today’s guide to the friendly relationship are going to be talking regarding a number of the pitfalls several people face once attempting to be smart friends. So let’s take a glance at a number of these pitfalls so we will become higher friends.


So many people interact during this, again and again, while not even realizing. we expect that if we’re friends with 2 individuals, it’s okay to share what one amongst them told North American country to the opposite. Don’t sleep with it. despite whether or not the 2 individuals area unit friends or not, don’t share things that your friends have told you to others, friends or not. You wouldn’t find it irresistible if the stuff you told your friends started currently while not you know it, thus don’t interact it.

So much drama starts this fashion, particularly since ladies tell each other to not tell anyone else what they’re on the point of telling them, and so that person goes ahead and shares it anyway. despite whether or not the person tells you that it’s a secret, don’t share. despite however smart of a follower the opposite person is to you and despite the actual fact that you simply tell them to not share, the story can in all probability get out and it'll be unconcealed that you simply spilled the beans. thus don’t ruin a friendly relationship by spreading stories and simply keep them to yourself.

And if somebody tries to share one thing with you a couple of mutual acquaintances, don’t pass it on anymore.


Sometimes we’re friends with somebody, nevertheless, we have a tendency to can’t facilitate however begrudge their garments, their accessories, their family, their friends, etc. this could poison a friendly relationship. On one hand, you claim that they're your friend and you like them, nevertheless on the opposite hand you long for what they need. Be content with what you've got and don’t be jealous. it'll somehow ooze into your relationship and have an effect on your actions in however you act with your friend, thus attempt to nip it in the bud.

Not everybody has everything, thus don’t get fixed in what they need that you simply don’t. Be grateful for what you are doing have.

Boy hassle

This is in all probability one amongst the largest pitfalls of friendly relationship for women growing up today. despite, however, you select to act with guys, you can’t deny that a lot of friendships are ruined by ladies fighting over boys.

It’s Associate in Nursing age-previous locution, however, boys extremely can come back and go. Your friend's area unit there to remain, thus don’t get fixed in the World Health Organization got caught viewing a man or World Health Organization features a crush on a man. it's going to seem to be a giant deal, however, it's not priced ruin your friendly relationship over thus simply leave it.

As girls, we regularly get fixed in categorizing our friends. She’s simply a fan, however, she’s a follower, whereas she’s my ally. Naturally, you’ll be nearer to some individuals over others, however, don’t get fixed in giving your friends titles. Treat all of your friends equally, and with kindness. obtain gifts for them. Introduce them to your family. Love them.

We often pay longer with friends than our family during this day and age, and then it’s vital to settle on our friends fastidiously since we have a tendency to tend to become like those we have a tendency to pay the foremost time with. If you wish superb friends, be one yourself and treat them however you'd wish to be treated.

                                                        INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                         AND INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
JazakAllah Khair for reading this Article,
May Allah forgive me if I'm wrong at any place, Ameen

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