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8 ways to beat Sexual Temptation | Islamic Girls Guide

8 ways to beat Sexual Temptation

8 ways to beat Sexual Temptation | Islamic Girls Guide

Do you watch TV, attend the flicks or browse the covers of fashion magazines? If thus, you'll be semiconductor diode to believe that your sexual appetency drives your way of life. Why? as a result of this can be a central message of in style media.

Well, yield Sigmund Freud, this doesn’t get to be! albeit our culture is passionate about serving up sex on each doable platter, we have a tendency to don’t got to concede to those tantalizing temptations. it's doable to measure in an exceedingly sexually saturated society and overcome temptation. Here area unit eight tips to assist you.

Know what the Bible should say once it involves handling sex.

 What you browse and see in media won't generally line up with biblical instruction. The standards area unit is completely different. the prophet is aware of the emotional, physical and religious fall out folks' expertise after they worsen sex and scale back it to pure pleasure. Therefore, His pointers aren't meant to be restrictive or puritanical, however protecting. They cause healthy relationships and facilitate folks to maintain dignity and pride. pay time looking out the Bible for instruction regarding sexual temptation.

Remove sources of sexual temptation. 

The temptation isn't a sin, however, working on it's. If you discover yourself lustfully fantasizing and fascinating in behavior you recognize to be virtuously wrong, then determine the supply of that temptation and take away it. the net is also one in every one of those sources. though we have a tendency to hear additional regarding men being dependent on net smut, ladies additionally struggle with this addiction. Purchase a decent filter and monitor your viewing habits. The Bible instructs the United States to escape from sexual temptation, not go online, and hope it doesn’t trouble the United States.

Be obedient.

 Don’t be dominated by passion. despite what you're feeling, act along with your brain and not your emotions or your body. Scripture is evident that sexual behavior is usually subject to desire. Use your can to resist temptation and say no to sex outside of the wedding.

Renew your thoughts.

 Assume on things that area unit noble, pure, lovely, of the excellent report, virtuous and worthy (Phil. 4:8). This should be a daily observe that we have a tendency to do o designedly. it's straightforward to become distracted by sexual temptation as a result of it's all around the United States within the media. it's straightforward to permit our thoughts to wander and fantasize.

Don’t place yourself in the position to be tempted.

 Within the same method that a recovered alcoholic shouldn’t go sit in an exceedingly bar and check out to not drink, don’t position yourself to be tempted (e.g., attend X rated movies, browse sticky sexually express novels, hang around in bars, get drunk, etc.). once Devil tempted Eve, she engaged him in voice communication. rather than telling him to travel crawl away, she diverted his voice communication. Learn from her mistake.

Use God’s Word to resist.

Once Devil tried to tempt the prophet within the desert, Jesus’ defense was to talk the Word. The devil couldn't argue with Scripture and gave up. This speaks to the importance of knowing and memorizing scriptures. If Jesus, the World Health Organization was the Word, fought the temptation with the Word, what higher line of defense may we have a tendency to employ?

 Don’t deceive yourself.

Most people assume we will handle lots of additional sexually express material then we will. we have a tendency to aren’t continually alert to the refined influence and decrease that happens with regular exposure to the current material. we have a tendency to deceive ourselves and assume we have a tendency to area unit higher than these influences. If you're human, you're not!

 Stay intimately connected with God.

Pay time in prayer, reading the Bible, and attend God. Remember, once you area unit weak, he's sturdy. Most people concede to temptation once we area unit out of bit with God. albeit He ne'er leaves the United States, we will stop act with Him. keep connected and obsessed with Him to administer to you what you wish to beat and He can. The additional intimate you're with God, the additional power you'll get to overcome.

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