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5 Things to Consider Before Marriage | Islamic Girls Guide

5 Things to Consider Before Marriage

New Muslimahs - 5 Things to Consider Before Marriage - Islamic Girls Guide

Almost as presently as they convert, new Muslimahs can realize individuals making an attempt to induce them married. they'll be told that the wedding is half their deen then they ought to marry quickly.

The one factor that may be common to any or all of them is that once a brand new Mohammedan considers obtaining married, they're getting in unfamiliar with the territory. the principles and therefore the customs can all be terribly totally different from that they need big up with.

For a couple of sisters, this seems to be a beautiful journey of discovery with somebody they feel is their lover, for {many} sisters it’s a journey that contains many challenges and changes, except for some it is often a really unhappy journey that leads them to question their religion.

So I’d wish to share some recommendation that will facilitate to ease a number of those journeys and facilitate them to end in happy and fulfilling marriages:

Take some time

The amount once acceptive Islam could be a period of learning, growth, and adjustment; not solely in terms of learning concerning Islam and therefore the exercise of it to everyday life, however additionally in terms of learning concerning the Muslim community and its cultural practices.

Having big up in a very non-Muslim community, it will take a protracted time to grasp the refined nuances of your new religion and community.

It will take a minimum of a year more or less for you to start out growing into it and discovering what works best for you. therefore it's higher to require some time and wait till you've got settled into Islam before probing for a husband, as this can assist you to settle on one UN agency incorporates a similar understanding of the deen to you.

Many new Muslims have a little of a halo impact concerning the Muslim community and need to understand them as being from constant mold because of the early companions.

They come to Islam, thanks to its perfection, however as Muslims are men, they can’t forever meet this customary. And this is often one in every of the largest challenges that the majority of new Muslims face; understanding the duality between their expectations and therefore the reality of the Muslim community.

They additionally wish to try and do everything within the best approach and to follow Islam to the letter of the hadith, however as they don’t forever take into consideration this state of affairs of the Umma, this could leave them vulnerable and typically taken advantage of.

So it's well for you to wait and take time to settle into Islam before you begin to think about the wedding, instead of speeding into it and regretting it later.

Select a trusty Wali (Guardian for Your Marriage)

This is most likely the foremost difficult part of the monotheism wedding method for a brand new Muslim, however, in my opinion, it's the foremost vital step.

Western ladies of late aren’t want to the conception of getting a Wali, a guardian, or a trusty man concerned within the early stages of a relationship; western fathers are sometimes simply told today that the choice to marry has already been created.

But there's lots of knowledge in having a guardian, particularly as most converts marry men from cultures wherever this is often the norm.

Having a guardian not solely acts as a protection for a brand new Mohammedan from those that would look for to require advantage of her lack of information of the Muslim world, it additionally will increase the respect that may be shown to her by her future husband and his family because it shows that she was cautious concerning this vital call.

A guardian ought to be chosen carefully; he ought to be somebody UN agency can truly be ready and willing to shield the woman’s best interests, within the approach that he would defend his own girl. I even have ‘sacked’ previous guardians of mine, as I didn’t feel that they'd done that for me!

It’s usually advised that the native leader ought to be asked, however, unless they apprehend you fairly well, it'd be higher to settle on a friend’s husband or somebody else from the community you'll be able to trust.

The guardian’s role is crucial in the terribly early stages. He is a lot of ability to spot refined signs a few potential groom’s suitablenesses, or lack of it, which may escape a brand new Mohammedan UN agency is unacquainted with totally different cultures.

He ought to ensure that the brother is ready ANd willing to support an adult female which he doesn’t have an ulterior motive for a wedding, like seeking a passport, money, property, or a short-lived wedding of convenience.

He ought to additionally facilitate to envision out the brother through his friends and acquaintances and check his family’s background and acceptance of the match. this could appear superfluous or strange to a brand new Mohammedan, however, because it is common to follow within the Muslim world, it won’t appear strange to a person UN agency is real in his intentions.

Meeting the person and His Family

It’s not forever simple to induce this balance right, however, as geological dating isn't permissible in Islam, which is that the approach most denizen ladies are familiar with attending to apprehend a person, you would like to figure out however you may be able to get to understand somebody to an adequate degree to understand whether or not they would be an appropriate match for you in a very lawful approach.

I have usually been told that Islamically, I ought to simply meet somebody 2 or at the most thrice so, once creating Istikhara (prayer of seeking guidance), I ought to build a call whether or not to pay the remainder of my life with the potential groom.

I have additionally been pressured to form a fast call, as a result of the person was apparently keen and willing, and nearly over up in some terribly nasty things.

Somehow, you would like to strike a balance between the 2 ways that. I even have best-known sisters UN agency have created terribly fast choices and been terribly pleased with the result, except for most sisters, it'll be necessary to fulfill an amount of your time in several settings and to fulfill the person together with his family to examine however they're along and for him to fulfill your family.

While doing this you would like to form positive that you simply retain your modesty, you aren’t alone with them at any time, and after all that you simply avoid any physical contact.

Look out for Red Flags

It is terribly simple if you meet somebody UN agency sounds appropriate and UN agency appeals to you, to overlook things that might cause potential issues in the future.

Once you've got began to kinda relationship with somebody and develop feelings for them, the tendency isn't to need to listen to something that might spoil things, and this is often wherever the guardian’s role becomes most significant.

Although the choice of a few wedding is yours, it's his role to assist you to see the red flags that might indicate a probably dangerous state of affairs.

Some of the foremost obvious red flags that ought to cause you to cautious are:

  •  If the brother doesn’t wish to fulfill your family and friends.
  •  If he asks you to stay the link a secret.
  • If he doesn’t wish you to fulfill his family or see wherever he lives.
  • If he asks you to travel long distances alone to fulfill him, particularly if that's at your expense or suggests that going overseas to examine him.
  •  If he asks you for cash or is unable to support you financially or offer a home for you.
  • If he asks you to own simply AN ‘Islamic marriage’, i.e. one that isn’t registered or lawfully recognized, and not a marriage ceremony.
  •  If he doesn’t have a sound visa to remain in your country.
  •  If he asks you to conform to a short-lived marriage settlement. Or if something he says or will cause you to feel even momentarily uncomfortable.

If any or all of those things happen, they'll be signs of a possible drawback, as a result of on the full they might be unacceptable ways that for a person to treat a girl he revered and needed to marry in most Muslim communities. There are forever exceptions to those flags, however, they ought to be mentioned and resolved together with your guardian and your family and friends initial, before continuing forward.

Perform Prayer of Seeking steerage

Before any call is formed concerning a wedding, you ought to, after all, perform Salat-ul-Istikhara (prayer of seeking steerage) and sincerely provoke God’s guidance.

It isn’t necessary to examine a dream once you've got done this, as that doesn’t forever happen. What you ought to be searching for God makes the trail ahead simple for you or whether He shows you signs that will be indicating that you simply shouldn’t proceed. you will need to try this many times before your heart feels asleep to form the choice and to feel that this is often the trail that God has written for you to require.

There are several smart Muslim men out there and that I apprehend several sisters UN agency are in smart marriages, I pray that yours are one in every one of them too!

                                                    INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
                                                AND INDEED ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST!
JazakAllah Khair for reading this Article,
May Allah forgive me if I'm wrong at any place, Ameen

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